What is this new crypto casino?


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What is this new crypto casino?

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Comments: 48
  1. Jaylah Tney

    A lot of info in this video. Thanks. ;-)

  2. Absurdity

    bro, keep up the great content ✌

  3. Daniely Oliveira

    Thank you for the updates!

  4. Kazz-Mattic

    I guess it's right about time I use some of that usdt I stashed

  5. my1


  6. Ernesto Carmona

    FLOKI INU will soon be at the top 10!!!! MARK MY WORDS!

  7. PlayAbleShorts

    good information, thank you!

  8. uwu_b1ura

    Buttercup stock going crazy right nowπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  9. Yungnaze

    Great vid! Honestly I have been loving the club!!! Hope you all get on board!

  10. Ashton Sherman

    Thanks for another great vid fellas

  11. T G

    please put a video for us how to maiar exchange thanks


    Buy safeblast!!πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  13. Rhude Playz


  14. WRDY

    Explain why etherum is losing popularity

  15. mrmoz gamerz Tech's 16

    EGLD is a rocket πŸš€βš‘οΈ

  16. Electro Games

    whats happening with scam cardano you were so passionate about months ago?

  17. Cilo Jayy


  18. sukidakara

    2-3 day old news….

  19. bigboiidevin

    I'm saving my usdt to buy ETH

  20. komedi kanalΔ±

    Can you talk about KEYS token? 3x my investment in 2 days and still less than 750 holders. Fully doxxed dev team with a proven track record.

  21. Louh

    Definitely Ada is one them, got them staked on atomicwallet, massive πŸš€

  22. Kral Of Legend

    Now the market is shaking and all cryptocurrencies do not look reliable, unlike a stable coin. Tether keeps my wallet from falling hard

  23. Mon Ark

    Can you do a video about FIA Protocol coin?

  24. Shehroz gamer


  25. Jada Donato

    Check out Casper!!! CSPR looks to be Etherium 3.0!

  26. komedi kanalΔ±

    Please make a video on Trubadger Nexus ecosystem and its tokens TRUBGR and NSIGHTS and coming soon SAFUFIDE …

  27. Brain Skool

    FLOKI sponsored LaLiga Gadiz FC⚽️ and thats huge !

  28. JP

    Do a video on the Holiday token!! They have 8% BUSD rewards.

  29. umut

    Holy cow! Its crazy! First time bseeing a project with amazing designs such as this one

  30. WRDY

    Eth are paying Time magazine, so time of course have to hold eth, but you do not disclose this important fact why? Please do not like be msm and skew the facts!

  31. sukidakara

    Lets go with the new uploads! Back at it!

  32. Alaysia Echols

    Keep bringing us good projects

  33. Kral Of Legend

    Got in on yesterdays video! Was awesome!

  34. umut

    Thanks for showing us this, I think we all needed to see this!


    you're amazing, keep it the good work

  36. Junior

    As always, great info. Thanks.

  37. AveryPlayz

    Could this make us a lot of money?

  38. SlabzXX Shorts

    Huge potential I think. Looks awesome.

  39. bigboiidevin

    Def picking up a bag tonight or when I get home

  40. Ashton Sherman

    Hope more info on the team comes soon as I would like to buy around 1 eth worth but heasitant…

  41. BurryPlays

    Thank you for the content!!

  42. my1

    The best on YouTube! Always bringing us the best gems!

  43. Kid Krupar

    waiting for all these ALTs to have decent pullback … hope they will


    Thanks for the massive gem, think it will do very good.. just starting watching you and I like what I see..

  45. BurryPlays

    Loving the idea of this project!!! Thank you for the Infinity info!

  46. Nevisse

    Absolutely brilliant man, love it.

  47. The World I Want To See

    I run mining rigs, anyone else? I make probs maybe $40 a day but thats not bad I guess

  48. umut

    Looking forward to your next video! Think you said on twitter that its going be on the top 3 cryptos?

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