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WAGMI - hot new crypto casino


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  1. 『DREAM〆』

    Why does he share this information with public

  2. SK7OLD

    Has anyone invested in wagmi casino already?

  3. روبار. ولد حليم

    Love the editing man

  4. Kılavuzunuz

    Always good content with you, sharing your true perspective with us

  5. Adrian Salajan

    Just bagged this, where is it gonna be in 6 months?

  6. Soy_Litvin

    Would love to have some of this

  7. Subhan sf9r

    If crypto currencies are so good why aren’t the richest people in the world investing all their resources into this


    Love your videos, watching them every day (:




    alright alright cryptic got bars

  11. Rashad gaming

    This shit is going to explodeeee

  12. Andreia soares

    Great content cryptic, I’m in on this one


    Why the functionality of the token too? Because they’re all cryptos and have features which are more secure than traditional banking, not to mention facilitating cross border transactions.

  14. Dj Ucu

    wagmi casino >>>>>> Bitcoin

  15. Ahmet Danie

    Crypto is kind of dumb


    Thank you master

  17. Vulka

    Lol crypto currencies are for those who dont understand the stock market.


    One of the top notch presentation! just added to my subscribe list.

  19. RK prajapati

    I need to see wagmi casino go up 10k at least


    Donc si j’ai bien compris, si j’achète wagmi casino je devrais devenir riche? ?

  21. قناة شيخ قراء الحجازالشيخ عباس مقادمي العتيبي

    THX for the news

  22. who are you

    Tuned in from Glasgow?

  23. Тендрис

    Can we follow up with wagmi casino milestones on Insta?

  24. Umer Official

    Thank you for your influence in this field you’ve helped so many of us young investors make our first couple of racks ??

  25. محمد Ali

    Hi from Spain

  26. jade ibeenja4x

    Walmart Tory lanes

  27. Tép

    Keep going man, we all like you!

  28. soa fha

    I hope we do see some lower levels so I can grab some cheap coins before the roof coms off

  29. napoo

    Awesome vid brother, hope the weekend was good

  30. Nouri Df

    Thanks for your content Encrypto’d always good stuff with you guys

  31. HUY MANH

    Love to buy in the dip

  32. Umesh vaidya + says

    I bet Cryptic is enjoying his riches the second he stops recording lol

  33. Quwu Poka

    wagmi casino looks awesome! Thanks bro

  34. Mattias

    Bitcoin is the future ,investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially the current rise. Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

  35. herexsalite©

    I wonder if you have personally invested in wagmi casino?

  36. Bisa Aja

    Well done Cryptic, another great vid


    You’re the crypto mega mind

  38. Fantasy CricExpert

    What kind of a return should I expect

  39. Umer Official

    Can you share tricks on finding new coins?? Thank you!

  40. Super Azeri Bass

    One of the first 100 likes :) been following u for a while now haha

  41. Dibujos king

    u need to learn how to invest before getting into this

  42. Javed Tabahi

    Thank you

  43. Nina Nina

    Best crypto youtuber in the business

  44. Marcoys Andre 💎

    My hot take: The biggest limiting factor for me getting on the DeFi bandwagon is the gas fees and the instability of the DeFi exchanges using the Etherium network.


    Why so boring haha

  46. Bóng đá football

    Phase 4 we hitting x1000 ?

  47. تيوان تيواني

    I tried to buy but it didn’t go through any suggestions on what I can do?

  48. ItzFusiøn

    This one better be the one!

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