This Is Why I Don't Trust Gambling Streams…


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This Is Why I Don't Trust Gambling Streams...

Online slot machines are the hottest thing on various livestreaming services. While I don’t care if the activity is shown to like minded adults, I have several problems with the streamers and the sites they promote to their fanbase. Thanks for watching!
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Comments: 25
  1. SomeOrdinaryGamers

    Use code "SOG" To save some money and buy some Sonic G-Fuel!

  2. Chris

    I really like the concept of gambling, But I understand myself to know that I have an addictive personality like my father. I know that if I really like something than I will keep doing it. I got really into magic cards not because I liked the game. I actually hate playing MTG the actual game mostly because I hate people explaining their decks to me when I make it plain I don't care. When they would be like "I thought you liked MTG" I would always say, "Oh yeh, I like it because of the art on the cards.". I realize that I never really cared about the cards or the art that much, but I just really enjoyed the activity of going to store, spending money and hoping for a rare pull. Gambling takes many forms, and I spent a couple thousand dollars on buying booster boxes before I realized why I enjoyed it so much.

  3. Habitat 2907

    I just want to say this is why we love you, you are clear, you are real, and you care, doesn't matter if it benefits you, you tell it how it is.

    we need more people that are as real as you, especially in the online space

  4. ch1995

    treat gambling as a entertainment service
    never think of it as a source of income

  5. not numbfruitcake01

    99% of degenerate gamblers stop before their big score

  6. Sahli Saif

    I lost over 28k on gambling and am trying to get over it because it really destroyed my life

  7. atomicskies

    Having a rule against VPN is stupid. How will they even know that? That’s kinda the point of a VPN in the first place

  8. atomicskies

    I don’t think it matters the age of the viewers. You can’t verify it and it’s pointless to try to do anything.

  9. Achilles Rossberg

    Well, if kids play videogames with microtransactions based on gambling, so yeah casino gambling is no different

  10. Mogen Von bogel

    Gambling streamers are the biggest scumbags getting probably millions of people addicted to gambling

  11. Sophia Reese


  12. Flame

    Disagree with this guy gambling is a problem for all age groups. People who are desperate gamble and they watch these streamers for hope. These streamers know this and they do not care.
    People should wake up and stop supporting streamers that DO NOT care about your well being. Just PROFIT!

  13. Ante Fižulić

    Mechanical slot machines can be rigged. Electronic slot machines are rigged.
    online pc operated slot machines are tax for idiotism.



  15. NootyPenguino

    I love your videos Muta. You talk about such interesting topics with lots of detail and jokes ❤️

  16. Cyuuenhel Candyboi

    Cuzzinoos 😆

  17. Rebecca

    Ka Zino?

  18. kyler ferguson n sanity gaming

    they rig it

  19. 🌿 クリミ

    Yeah Cuhzinos are evil.

  20. JustLikeTheSimulations

    Glad Twitch banned most forms of gambling on streams

  21. Deluxe Movies

    Who’s gambling while watching this?

  22. lazuliman

    Gambling is a gamble. Don’t waste your money. Don’t buy lottery tickets. Don’t play claw machines. They are all out to get you.

  23. The great 100

    18.21 yea he didnt win anything

  24. mookkss

    19:45 as a Dutch guy seeing this list of countries that are still part of The Netherlands raises some big red flags

  25. iam_spindel

    is it ok to bet on sports? As long as you have experience on the game?

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