This Crypto Game Shouldn’t Exist (but it does)


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This Crypto Game Shouldn’t Exist (but it does)

Crypto Casinos. Crypto Gambling. Twitch. Twitch Ban.
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People are getting stupid rich off this crypto game.. But not by playing it..

See the world’s largest live streaming site is in the middle of a GAMBLING BOOM. The “SLOTS” category… filled with gambling games like wheels of fortune, slot machines, blackjack, and baccarat… it’s now the seventh most popular content category, ahead of Fortnite!

And this content boom is being fueled by another, concurrent boom… the rise of CRYPTO CASINOS, websites where gamers can transfer cash into cryptocurrencies, and then use it to play virtual casino games.

These casinos have EXPLODED, and as they’ve grown.. so has criticism about them..

Twitch Gambling
Twitch Ban
Crypto Gambling
Crypto Casino

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Comments: 33
  1. ak rajput

    this is actually worrying. games are fine but to use them like this is not right. i know because I have invested on forsage and their nft launch brings with it a soon to launch gaming platform. where we can earn using those nfts. but ofcourse it is not gambling. it is play to earn but i don't know what the other sites are doing. guess i will stick to forsage. #crypto #pumalabs #forsagenfts #busd #nfts

  2. Abdo Kadfi

    Forsage smart contract facilitates the cryptocurrency process, providing a secure and efficient mechanism for users to trade cryptocurrencies

    #crypto #forsage #busd #forsagenft #pumalabs

  3. Keith Mayhew Hammond

    When people say that the entire point of crypto is decentralized exchange I scratch my head. Crypto, like anything else, is what society makes it. If it were truly about freedom, then no one should be against at least the option of centralized regulation for those who want it. Personally, I think that both decentralized and centralized models will attract different people, and that one should not be afraid of the other. The issue I suppose is when it is forced in either direction. These things are definitely complicated.

  4. Keith Mayhew Hammond

    The argument that parents should monitor their kids online is ridiculously dismissive of the actual harm being done. If a child walks into a casino and the casino lets him in, it can't just say "well, where were the parents?" Anyone going into a casino has to show ID. The idea that you can prove you are 18 simply by clicking a button for something like gambling is extremely dangerous. I am biased, because I am against gambling establishments being legal to begin with. But I think everyone of goodwill would agree that something being online does not somehow make it less bad to sell to those of a vulnerable age.

  5. Syafiq Abdul

    thank you for the most honest and logical video.

  6. Brian Johnson

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  7. Brian Johnson


  8. Alex Lloyd

    Fnv teiyhc ban twit sr2 mafios wure

  9. GrizZ Wald

    Lol.. that was funny.. the casino advertised almost made me pee a little.

  10. Ishzero

    Nah cuh everything you talk about dies off one month later and I quit gambling fuck that shit

  11. _proton

    dont get me takling about csgo gambling sites

  12. Nicola Franco Tesorero

    Well Bitcoin was used in silk road and dark web

  13. Pingvins

    Another moron who does not understand how this shit works

  14. Aivaras Kovaliukas

    thats scaming you lure dumb kids while you play for free and get paid and they loose and you get paid basicly you taking money that they loose ppl are so dumb idk one time i play poker took 100 $ from somone and never try that agen

  15. Donze Live

    You know to buy crypto you mostly need to be 18+.. they kinda adult by the law

  16. Nate W

    Everyone can go and report this streamer:
    I got banned from his channel when I brought attention to him that Twitch is banning crypto gambling streamers that use Stake and Roobet

  17. Thunder

    this is true 100% they doing all these advs so they attracts other by illuison of winning which is not the reality … me myself was watching gambling content for the first time and was surprised the amount of people watching and the insane bets I knew it that these are fake money and they just promoting, but it did affect me and rolled me in, yes I was losing all the time and I've lost around 15K and never got a big win that can ever cover the losess I was even hoping for half of it so I quit after but everytimg I roll in I loss more so I just stopped the whole idea they always convincing people by saying that there is an RTP% which is return to player but this is not real, all streamers says that so the viewers thinks that okey I will get my money back in a certain point which is never.

  18. Austin Brown

    Damn bots are having entire conversations with themselves now 🤣🤣

  19. rw501

    It’s one of the great cons to exist. Pay out to co conspirators to get marks to play their games of chance and lose way more than they win.

  20. JohnEnergy2012

    I really don't give a F*ck anymore bout people ruining their own life. It's just a hustle mate.

  21. Gooner

    Won 2k in one night and ended with 200 lmao

  22. J H

    The government needs to get the fuck out of our lives. Set some regulation and get out of the way. Nobody is stopping digital transformation blockchain technology and distributed Ledger protocols. ISO 2022 tokens have already been proven stay with them and Ride The Wave you will be using your crypto just like a credit card no big deal. It would actually be nice to put my card into a slot machine instead of cash right? Hold on dear hats for expeditional growth in this new technology and Industry to be led by little troublemaker xrp. Purchase Bitcoin and ethereum if you like dealing with China. Cut your hair, hair boy

  23. Simson rae

    thanks man , love this video ❤️❤️

  24. Nathan Elliott

    x50 FTW/FTL(FTX..)

  25. Boyd Berge

    After the collapse of the cryptocurrency market, it is more reliable to earn Crypton cryptocurrency by mining it on favorable terms in the Utopia p2p ecosystem.

  26. Brian Johnson

    MAKE YOUR MOM PROUD🌹 🚫Don't dine and dash ! Leave a tip🥜 CLICK 👍 COMENT 👌 SHARE 🥂

  27. Brian Johnson


  28. Dante O Ajudante

    So the advice is to become a streamer and scam people for 35k/H ?

  29. George Matsos

    Waiting for Sand Vegas Casino Club in Sandbox.

  30. Fkkerr

    Max are you aware of Night Owl casino launching on Ergo soon? Decentralised open source, verifiable odds crypto casino. Community provides LP for win/loss so we all earn off the house advantage. Seeing as house advantage is to be clear for each game (you can both play and be the House), it should be clear to players that they will always lose if they play long enough – an informed adult decision.

    Opinions? To me ethically is sound because it's putting the House in the hands of the people not a corporation, and the odds verifiable and known. As long as we're all adults here

  31. FantomGhost

    Thanks. Great video. I subbed. Responsible content. Great stuff Max. Keep it up. I invest in crypto because I believe in the future of crypto to change the world for the better.

  32. Dxtchi

    long hair gang lesgo

  33. callingAssholesOutSinceThe90s

    that video cut off weirdly, nice commentary though

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