The Worlds LARGEST Crypto Gambler | TrainWrecksTV BlackJack


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The Worlds LARGEST Crypto Gambler | TrainWrecksTV BlackJack

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Comments: 32
  1. Yannick Willems

    I like that shirt u wearing OG 👌

  2. MasonSlots

    I spent 2g last night gambling man it’s hard slots and bj ruthless everyday, sometimes it helps watching you keeps me off for a few hours

  3. camsqt

    great content! i love that dealer

  4. Jackdon Cocozello

    That punching the air was too funny

  5. Karim Calcagno

    The reality is: you can make some money by gambling–> "YES"….But only with one game with an high RTP and a good strategyy/method…like BACCARAT *

  6. jeff melrose

    Watching Trains is completely different than watching Cody !! Trains stays cool and calm… Amazing Zen Master :)

  7. Aman Arora

    even a petrol treausre can be fucked easily, the way he played

  8. yannick willems

    10:18 that right there I would have left the game right away🤦🏽

  9. Clarissa Yap

    Hi. How to contact trainwreck

  10. jacob m

    why do they always put so much money on side bets? guaranteed to drain your balance.

  11. MrSubmariner76

    Gambling will take more than all your money

  12. Vizard wassel

    Nøt Sure If It is Right To Say As Dealing With intense vibrant Numbers . I'd Say 2 factors matter The Most (Patience & Exceedness) So If You Got That Heart to Make Value Of SMTG U're a Player Then comes One Question (true Question : Why I'm Sitting in Casino's Chair ? )
    Would be awesome if I get SM Replies !!


    Trainwreck shouldn't tip these dealers that he wins against. They'll quit the second it hit the bank account and you wouldn't he heard from again. 😂😂 There isn't a dealer who wouldn't take that deal give me 100k I'll quit dealing cards 😂

  14. FX BlaSt

    Watching you and saving my money. Thanks



  16. Pedro Schulz

    Blackjack is so rigged…

  17. Romeo

    Why sometimes I got side bets on flush and sometimes no?

  18. Santa’s Apprenti

    Trains looking for a pulmonary infarction at age 40… I still love his content

  19. Wael Hijjawi

    By doubling soft 20, he took dealer's bust card

  20. Wael Hijjawi

    You split 8's against dealer's 10 when he checks the hidden card for blackjack. Here the don't, so dealer might have a blackjack. I don't even split aces against dealer's 10

  21. CretsTeCH

    Gonna relax and bingewatch some train gambling highlights.. mate I hope your channel keeps growing.. I have mad respect for you for not taking the shortcuts and taking you're integrity and morals above that (you know what I mean)

  22. jeroen egging

    bro those cards arnt shuffled xD watch minute 11:50 the first 3 cards are 10s and what he gets then 5, 6, 7, then the dealer pulls after his 2 main cards a 8 and a 9 how xD

  23. Julio Canela

    Can the dealers see the bet amount and/or the win/losses? I'm also curious of what they see on their monitors…

  24. RealRecognizeReal

    Kyle with the open shirt okok I see you

  25. sandels

    He doubled that 20, idiot

  26. John Berlin

    Doubling that soft 20 was epic.

  27. Kevin Carter

    hey boss, wanna say your doing fantastic job with these recaps, they are so good for highlighting the strings of action, versus not having time to watch 8hr stream…….keep it up bro

  28. RodTipsDown

    Is this these guys real money ? Like no way they can be ahead from gambling

  29. Devious

    Hey bruvv, just want to say I appreciate you making these videos. This is all I need to do is just watch others play, and experience those losing feelings as we all have felt in the past. Just like you said, there are times when no matter what you do, you lose. Doesn't matter if you get a new shoe, switch up the number of hands, hit hands you aren't supposed to and try and switch up the shoe, it's just destined for you to lose. Nothing is worse than going "broke" at the table, then having to get up and walk away with that gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach. Aww man, I do NOT miss it at all!

  30. Zion Cerinich

    16:36 MIN -7

  31. Zion Cerinich

    16 min -6

  32. Zion Cerinich

    15:47 min -5

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