The Messed Up Politics Behind those Gambling Streams


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The Messed Up Politics Behind those Gambling Streams

Some institutions for help with gambling addiction:
(US) National Problem Gambling Helpline: 1-0800-522-4700
(US) Gamtalk
Gamblers Anonymous
(UK) GamCare National Gambling Helpline: 0808 8020 133
(UK) The Gordon Moody Association: 01384 241292 or

Today I’m questioning whether those Twitch crypto gambling streams are “scams” as many are suggesting, and how the companies (Roobet, Stake etc) involved with these sponsored streams are involved, via their Curacao casino gaming licenses, with a world of money laundering and the drug trade – culminating in events which have rocked the small island of Curacao, a country which has suffered from policital corruption via gambling interests for the past decade.

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00:00 Intro
03:29 The Twitch gamba-stream fall-out
07:46 The psychology of problem gambling
10:40 It all comes down to political corruption, obvs
11:43 The gambling industry’s pathetic attempts to curb problem gambling
15:45 Are online casinos targeting a young audience?
18:33 Curacao gaming licences, money laundering & the drug trade
30:13 The trend of selling get-rich-quick schemes to kids
34:38 Postman Pat & his stacks of cash

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  1. jtake9


  2. Eric Woodard

    Hasans reaction during that call are priceless 😂

  3. Eric Woodard

    I literally cannot stand trainwrecks. Like, fuck adin Ross, but train some how thinks he's an intellectual giant.

  4. Inferodios

    This is how I found out postman pat was an actual thing and not an original Xploshi creation?

  5. Sayonara Goodbye

    spirit of the law music

  6. HOB00

    Intro made me wake up

  7. Wasmo

    That gaming master license system sounds like the fucked rogue trader permit from 40k

  8. Ratmations

    Very appreciate of the subtitles on your videos!

  9. I Must Bust

    yo wtf is this communist soviet russia??? im not allowed to exploit children all of a sudden???

  10. Riley Brophy

    Being gay is objectively funny, you woke libtards won't stop me from being homophobic

  11. Squid

    The morality? This is Vegas baby, go up I15 if you want morals.

  12. Topgun232

    16:51 me hoping the plane gets hit with a surface to air missile.

  13. Brad Lancaster

    in BC the provence owns the loto, but also puts out the PSA with the slogan "Know your limit, Play with in it" I say PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT!!

  14. Dr. Ainz

    I do feel bad for those who are addicted to gambling. Thankfully, I don't have such an issue; I spend $5 on a slot machine, lose it all, and im ready to burn the whole fkin place down.

  15. Emiliano Techs

    Geez I really thought this video was just going to be about streamers having bad politics This went in a direction I did not expect! It's great

  16. Ouran

    I come back again and again just for the Postman Pat part, you're such a blessing

  17. Massive L

    China is so based for making gambling illegal tbh

  18. Cameron Alexander

    you talked about curacao gaming licences. What about the blue curacao ones?

  19. soberský

    You should make a video about pay-to-win mobile games. Developers use gambling mechanics in their games as well. It's even worse, 'cause you're like 'Oh, this is just a mobile game and spending is optional' until you realize it's absolutely impossible to stay competitive playing the game unless you don't put more money into it every month.

  20. William McGinnis

    why these people winning tens of thousands of dollars but can't afford shirts

  21. Christopher Whittaker

    I can’t speak highly enough of this.
    A real eye opener.
    Thank you.

  22. Blisteryearth

    how can we expect to make change when our opposition is liable to kill those who threaten to make real change.

  23. Chompy TV

    “Pussy is pussy.”
    And you get none, it seems.

  24. KzoneDD

    Why do you assume I'm not watching?

  25. Ivy Morgan

    god i miss postman pat so much

  26. TheKingOfSomewhere

    My uni flatmate was addicted to gambling would be in the casino every night but couldn't have a conversation with him as he would always claim he made money even when it was clear he lost

  27. Michael Bradley

    If people are killng themselves over it, surely that is saying something about the ills of it.

  28. spoofbaby

    Wow. This was an entire world that I had no idea existed. Love Postman Pat's bright red nailpolish (he's gender nonconforming!)

  29. alewis514

    These streamers aren't very rich either. They are themselves hopelessly addicted to gambling and basically brute force jackpots that draw viewership and clicks to their channels.
    I mean, if you sit there for 20 hours per day and press 'spin' all the time with the highest possible wager you'll eventually hit something and see large numbers. But you're burning through cash at ridiculous rates. They calculated how much money those top streamers wagered and it's in the millions per day.

    Our brains are easily manipulated into gambling addictions because we're quite terrible at dealing with RNG that is truly random.

    Many of you played World of Warcraft at some point. Maybe you still do. Many of you wanted Invincible mount off Arthas. It has 1 percent drop chance and you have one shot per week per character. I could reasonably solo it since late MOP, about 9 years ago. Let's assume you farmed it every week since then until now, that's 450 attempts give or take. This is a lot.But you're still not even hitting 99% chance of at least 1 mount drop. P(X ≥ 1) with 450 attempts and 0.01 chance of success is 0.98913981

    Now take the above paragraph into context of millions of people playing World of Warcraft. Let's say 1 000 000 players farmed for Invincible. This is a mount everyone wanted. Even after 450 attempts which is nearly a decade of farming this fucking boss (with 1 character, less if you have alts) there would be about 11 000 players that still haven't seen it. You are going to have players that are so unlucky that not even 2,000 attempts got them their 1% dropchance mount. Large sample size allows for extremely unlikely random outcomes to occur.

    So yeah – our brains are OK with 50 attempts to get this mount, 100, maybe even 150. They are not okay with 400, 1000 or 8000 attempts. Which can and will happen when sample size is that large. As far as I know there is no pity timer at all, it's a persistent 1 percent drop rate on each attempt. Gamblers fall into this very easily, distancing themselves from very unlucky streaks where they just throw money into that machine and get nothing back. 10 spins, 20, 50, 100, 200. You just blasted your entire salary and will run into trouble with bills, surely you'll loan some from the family and come back here, cos you're on such a long dry streak, you WILL win right??? Right???

  30. Riccardo Leone

    Deal and Ordeal is pretty popular in Italy and it's rigged as fuck, but people keep on watching it because of the narrative.

  31. Macheath

    The gooner face in the thumbnail kills me

  32. Trash Catte

    Müne… please don’t be alarmed if you read this. But I think the Queen is haunting your video…
    I think it’s swell of her to show her support of such an amazing YouTuber now that she’s dead.

  33. Charu

    "You're about to learn a lot about a country you probably never have heard about before: Curaçau."
    Me, a Dutch person: 😶🤡

  34. Zephyranthes

    Damn, intro music was sick. Was that you or is it from something?

  35. Doc Lewis

    Made me puke when that guy disrespected that piano. You know it's destroyed now. I hope someone saw it online and offered to buy it off of them. That's the only thing that could've "saved" it.

  36. Doc Lewis

    Please donate that kitchen to me. It's bigger than my house. My home's kitchen is a galley kitchen. My husband and I have to turn sideways if we want to pass each other in the kitchen. WHY buy a house that size with a large kitchen if you're not gonna use it. Seems to be a waste. I wonder what happens when something goes wrong. Do they call mommy and daddy to get advice? Or is it possible that the house they bought is the first house that any member of their family had the money to buy? So many questions. Why buy a house that you don't seem to like? A wall of wine? Oh well. A nice ass kitchen? Oh well. Seriously?

  37. Doc Lewis

    They don't care if they get paid.

  38. Doc Lewis

    I guess people should READ the Terms of Service BEFORE putting their money into a place that cannot by "law" and by their own "terms" give you money. You're NOT suppose to be playing!!!

  39. Doc Lewis

    Why am I more sickened by the gal saying that she's gonna take a "booty pic"? I guess as a woman it makes me sad that she doesn't realize that that booty will be saggy when she's old and her looks too. It's a shame that young people, especially women (but men too), put all of their eggs in one basket. I hope these folks are smart with their money and are saving and investing it too and not just spending.

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