The Math Behind Roobet's Mines | Crypto Casino Game Odds


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The Math Behind Roobet's Mines | Crypto Casino Game Odds

Exploring the math, statistics, and code of the Roobet’s Mines cryptocurrency casino game in order to calculate the expected value …

Comments: 33
  1. Alexander Nguyen

    Hey. I have a small question. If 1/P(winning) is always fair and so 0.97 * 1/P(winning) is the function they use to ensure 3 percent loss. Shouldnt all Uncovered spaces to Bombs ratio have the same expected value of -3%? Thank you guys in advance for trying to help me understand. Amazing video!

  2. AMWAH

    The website said it will steal my personal info 😢

  3. TABASC0

    What happens to these statistics if we use the martingale strategy (doubling the bet every time we lose) ?

  4. everett

    sick bro

  5. Micheal Trevor

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  6. SaiVix PW


  7. karthik vemal

    This is amazing!! Thank you !! And can you do this on Sweet bonanza from Stake ? Please?


    On stake 10 mines. 3 clicks its. 5x. I just put 30$ did 3 clicks got😮😮 120.13$ back

  9. EVWEI

    How can i calculate EV if im betting for example after 2 Losses and stop after 6 Losses

  10. jkspiajsnba

    Hey man! Awesome video. The link to the Mines Calculator in the description box won’t work for me no matter what I try. But i’d really love to use it!! Any help?

  11. Emmanuel Jack

    Where to find this game?

  12. Jake L.

    stake has better odds

  13. MHStrader

    the website is broken

  14. Fruit Salad

    i remember learning how to calculate probability at school, seeing the possible out comes on a licence plate

  15. Samiul Haque Rounok

    Please make a video about probably fair gambling and hash coding

  16. PabloEscargot

    How do you come to the formula with factorials lol I really don't understand the step behind

  17. Ohvu GT

    The link doesnt work :( Could you please fix it brother

  18. endvlad

    Recently found this channel now watching every single video lol really helpful tbh

  19. Fahad Hussain

    Please share the sheet and the formula for calculating the Expected Value (the value you put -0.3).

  20. Eloo Elooo

    hoe to deposit , where can i buy btc and transfer to this web

  21. Joshua’s Limitless Gaming

    In order to beat all of these odds, the best thing to do is to not gamble.

  22. Kennith Bob

    Very shady of them. I don’t understand why they’re allowed to be that secretive when stuff like scratch offs and power ball disclose that info to you.
    Moral of the story: if someone doesn’t want to tell you something, it’s almost always bad for you.

  23. RM_wolf GamerYT

    I am the 100,000th viewer on this video :D

  24. Tim Kretschmer

    Does anybody know how the payout is calculated actually?

  25. Eugeniu Corjautanu

    Do DRAGON TOWER please

  26. Bruhhh

    Although all this information is true. Unfortunately it is a Casino so even if you do pick the best statistic for playing mines or any game at all, it is still rigged. If they want u to win they will let u, if they want u to lose they will make u. The only one that technically isn’t “rigged” is crash because it is completely random

  27. Sarthak Dhupar

    Dude, I absolutely love your Channel. I was addicted to the crash game thanks for opening ny eyes. Are there any games/ websites you can suggest ?

  28. Adrian Patrick Perez

    Do the Tower

  29. Favorite videos

    Do a math behind dice on roobet series

  30. Eduardo Xenofonte

    if anyone wants to know the formula to calculate the predicted multiplier, here it is (b is the number of bombs, s is the amount of uncovered squares):
    (25! (25 – b – s)!) / ((25 – b)! (25 – s)!) * .97
    you can also generalize it for any board size, just make all 25s variables (q is the amount of squares on the board, and m is the average return you want, 1 would be a fair game):
    (q! (q – b – s)!) / ((q – b)! (q – s)!) * m

  31. Diego Lozano

    Ey man, pls make some more content!

  32. Irakli Poop

    hello man I have a question you seem to know your stuff, According to what function does the roobet crash multiplier rise?

  33. Adrian Patrick Perez

    Thx so much !

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