The First Ever LAND BASED CRYPTO CASINO – Astro Babies


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The First Ever LAND BASED CRYPTO CASINO - Astro Babies

Hey! Today we check out some more NFTs. Quick reminder: This is not financial advice. I am just a guy sitting in my chair and …

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Comments: 12
  1. Zack Matthews

    Do I have to mint them to get royalties or can I buy all 3 on magic eden and still get royalties?


    Is there proof they have partnership with government?
    Holders do not receive any royalties or anything at the minute why?
    Is there proof they have taken a building on at the minute?
    What is progress at minute ?

  3. Theoxo4

    does anyone knoow when astro baby apes will be listed on magic eden ?

  4. Anchor

    mint link doesn't work.

  5. Shebeen E M

    Hi…i bought Astro Baby in October and now i got Astro Baby Ape as Airdrop…will i get PUP also as an airdropf for holding these 2??… Where u see this poject goes in long term???
    Thnks for ur video😊

  6. Romil Jain

    Bought 3, thanks!

  7. Abdelilah Fadel

    is this a sponsored video by the team !! or the project

  8. Spotted_in_Italy

    Just bought one! Lets go to the Moon!

  9. Starlayz

    Hypeeee, Lets go

  10. Orotund

    Hypeeee, gonna play in the casino

  11. Kn0wnSpar

    Okay actually I will get one for this price

  12. Tommy Nguyen

    Lets goooooo

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