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  1. Hardik Patel

    You nailed it, Steve

  2. Cam Ung

    Thanks Slim

  3. Old Lion

    C'mon Slim. You know I love you brother but you are letting your bias get in the way again. I am not high on Bitcoin either but it is going down for the same reasons every investment is going down. Funny thing is the chart for Bitcoin looks a lot like the NASDAQ. It is a bit more volatile but it looks eerily similar. I predicted 30K a ways back too. I could go lower but so many companys and funds own it that I dont think it will be that bad. Worse case is all gets exchanged for Ethereum some day.

  4. Barrie Skotaya-Ostojic

    I see 18k. We get to 21k sooner than later. No relief rally

  5. pj

    finally you got something right LOL

  6. Dennis W

    You are only allowed to gloat once per day LOL

  7. Nicoveli

    What level do you have to be to get this type of crypto updates.? Great Vid!

  8. James Island

    boy, glad I sold the top! thanks, Slim!

  9. A P

    Thank you as always! Do you see a possible bounce goes hand to hand with bounce in stock market that meets with failed rally? Probably S&P and NASDAQ bounces to your levels that you described in weekly market overview and Bitcoin bounces at same time only to go down from there.

  10. Allblaster

    Let them crash it. The coins that will get more adoption from billionaires, corporations and governments will be huge in the future. All the casino pump and dump coins will stay at zero and make way for the new ones when it becomes cool again. Keep in mind though, as long as inflation exists and the risk of Governments not being able to pay back their debts increases, crypto is still in the game.

  11. TheDWZemke

    Thanks Slim. Not a cripto player. But good to know.

  12. Rafal G

    great update many thanks for this!!!

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