Streamer Made $360,000,000 Gambling


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Streamer Made $360,000,000 Gambling

He Made $360000000 Gambling Follow Coffeezilla: ▻ Twitter: ▻ Instagram: …

Comments: 34
  1. Tai Cao

    Long term profits, short term profits, or just a rug pull scam. You have to be a total idiot to play online slots or non-live dealer games, it's all rigged because they can change the odds to win/lose just like casinos can adjust payouts of slots.

  2. miso2271

    this guy didnt do anything wrong really. If you gamble you are dumb.

  3. Darkfireice

    I think the high amount would likely be from giving "house money"

  4. Ry

    Domie is a semi-evolved ape with "big brain." Ooga ooga. Ape gang.

  5. Dizzy Eyes

    Coffee isnt even using 'loser' as a pejorative in that first tweet. He's literally just describing the way Stake views them. They're just another loser trying desperately to win like their streamer.

  6. Evanz111

    Little did we know a few months late CoffeeZilla would get the “I used to respect him but” from the big bad Logan Paul

  7. Daniel Figueroa

    I understand and agree completely but if I was getting offered 20 million a month to sit at my desk and gamble on stream I’m doing it

  8. Justin Perry

    You got this one wrong , it’s like the same thing as jackass on MTV , it would clearly say do not try this at home and guess what people did? They tried it at home the same way train says do not do this you will lose and poof here we are with no one accepting responsibility and pointing the finger at train

  9. 10k Funds

    To answer your question about how you be a professional gambler and be an anti gambler gamblers he’s legit afflicting he’s stealing peoples money becuase he has no risk.

  10. Saderingrad Productions

    yeah Trainwrecks is basically a modern day Jimmy Swaggart. He says he is anti gambling…yet promoting a casino and streaming gambling is his living.

  11. Michael Zigman

    The stock market is degenerate gambling

  12. Alan Phan

    360 millions is real number cause stake users deposit around 500 millions per week

  13. bonnywail

    Trains the kinda guy who orders a diet coke with his triple big Mac cause he's on a diet…
    He would even suggest going on a second diet as the First one isn't filling him up enough…But as long as he orders that diet coke his conscious is clear..
    Sanctimonious parasite springs to mind..

  14. Preston Nguyen

    I don't know if I agree, it just sounds like he's just entertaining not sure if he's to blame.

  15. KY LE

    i don't understand how he sponsors if online gambling is illegal

  16. TTV SuganSpice69

    Well this come back to bite you in the ass

  17. Attila Kohbor

    Great again , catching a scammer . Yes he is risking to be seen delusional as well if it
    is eaten up and he makes money .

  18. Joe Beef Hash

    I see the illuminati eye in the background. It leads to hell. Burning forever.

  19. m4rk1c

    Train didnt get paid that much,that is the debt he made gambling on stake and he never had to pay it off.Anyone with little brain can undertand that there is no way some random crack addict is making more money a year then lets say c.ronaldo,messi or lebron james…or any other big celebrity….Its all fake and its just promotion to get more people to come gamble on stake

  20. Zibz


  21. victory_or_valhalla

    Spot on 🤙

  22. Teriyaki69

    The main thing a streamer like train might not think about is the fact that the money he is paid is literally the exact money lost by his own viewers. Viewer gambles and loses money, train gets a cut of the money they lost. But no one seems to think of it this way.

  23. Hellenic Wolf

    My filters are simple: You promote degeneracy, you're a degenerate. And if you are one, you're an enemy to your people cause you proliferate that behavior.

  24. Coop Cooper

    Who cares if he makes money off people. Nobody was forcing them to gamble win or lose

  25. Xen

    disliked, got your story wrong buddy…

  26. Klefthoof Robert

    If i ever decide to gamble in my life, i'm gonna do it in real life only with card games, people doing it on machines, or even worse, on programmed machines over the internet :)) what would be the outcome i wonder?

  27. Chad Petzer

    I'm not saying I'm impressive but, I am saying 99.8% of the time… I am losing, but when I do win 0.2% of the time, I make 360 million, because I'm built different like that.

  28. Name

    “99.8% losing”

    360,000,000 in 16 months

    I may not be good at math, but.

  29. Aneesh Froome

    I'm glad I never got into gambling. Got enough problems as it is

  30. ImTheReelRodFather

    This is funny right here … the ad I got on your YouTube video @coffeezilla was a gambling ad that you make money off of lol … but I do get what ur saying

  31. Luc

    You were credible until you called him out on his bs lol. 360Mil in gambling in 16 months, yea right….

  32. Oliver Charles

    I miss the old Coffeezilla

    Straight from the go Coffeezilla

  33. six

    What do you know about ROSTHEIN ?? it would be so nice to expose him , please coffeezilla 😇😇

  34. the potato dog

    i mean, he is transparent about everything, just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean you get to attack him. Big fan of you but this is lame. And before you assume, no – I don't follow or watch Trainwreck. At the end of the day, every single customer knew exactly what they were doing, they didn't get lied to; they were shown a product, and they "bought" it.

    And he did admit to making the casino 360 million you said it yourself earlier in the video, that he inadvertently admitted it by revealing his winnings. You really want him to be hyper specific about something you have no business knowing.

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