Scarra talks Crypto, Gambling Streams, and Webtoons


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Scarra talks Crypto, Gambling Streams, and Webtoons

Scarra talks Crypto, Gambling Streams, and Webtoons

00:01 Intro
00:13 Best augment of dragon set
00:20 Returnal PC
00:23 Marvel Snap
00:59 Gamble on stream
01:15 Blue stack screen
01:27 Have you watched a Shadowbringers recap yet?
01:29 EU friendly streams?
02:10 Current league rank?
02:12 Are you going to try Valtan?
02:20 Are you able to keep with your friends?
02:33 Opinion on crypto?
03:45 Morbius meme ?
04:51 Have you read Eleceed?
05:01 Good place to get a haircut
05:21 Have you seen martial peak?
05:31 Any music bangers?
05:59 Favorite song to listen when drunk?
06:19 Summer time render?
06:22 Did you watch Belle?
06:28 Upside down song?
06:36 You read any Korean webnovels?
07:16 Revival man
07:19 SSS Suicide Hunter
07:26 Youtube channel or Traditional job?

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Comments: 20
  1. Pooter Pan

    PLZ give SSS Suicide Hunter another try. Imo it has a shaky start but gets wayy better. Like the latest arc is soo good. Some top tier character development.

  2. C-E Z

    That question about scarra losing his viewers. I like the confidence in his response! That's the winner advantage

  3. Drew And

    not enough people talking about webtoons in comments :(((

  4. Thilo N├╝rnberger

    In germany we have a special kind of music just for drinking. We call it "SCHLAGER" or "BALLERMANN"

  5. au5t3y3n

    criticizing frieren? unsubbed

  6. Jpavain2

    Tower god is one of my all time favorites! I knew there was a reason I kept watching you since the old dig days

  7. JesusFallstoHell

    Been hard to keep up with like. Anything lately so this short n sweet qna from scarra is great to see ­čÖĆ­čĆ╝

  8. Mathieu Sicardi

    Lmao, that one guy typing "have you heard of God Grid"

  9. Thareal KBGames

    Love your video keep grinding playboi

  10. RM

    but i thought drunk scarra was a thing….

  11. Ryan Knight

    This was Fuckin awesome

  12. Mizzerheart

    I've been jebaited didn't even mention solo leveling.

  13. SlumptyDumpty

    You should read the manhwa's "Return of the Mount Hua Sect", "The Return of the Crazy Demon" and" "Chronicle of the Heavenly Demon" (Lots of demons lol). Its the whole "rebirth" thing but still a banger. Great art and lots of satisfying moment in them.

  14. Marcia R

    Crypto is easy money if you're someone with lots of followers and is willing to scam them

  15. Tobias Dam Glintborg



    My portfolio is 70% down so should I sell my alt coins and buy at a lower price or I should hold it for the next bull run

  17. NexyZ

    Scarra WHOOOOOO

  18. George Serban

    Who tf asked scarra anything

  19. Toru

    OfflineTV podcast in 8 minutes

  20. krakkerjap


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