Roulette big win from 300 to 7500INR live Auto roulette session


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Roulette big win from 300 to 7500INR live Auto roulette session

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Comments: 22
  1. @ruhelahmed2384

    Nice πŸ‘ brother πŸ™‚


    Ye kon si bevside he bhai log

  3. @pavankumarBm

    I won 1500 to 15000

  4. @andy45451

    Your luck is sooo good !!!!

  5. @AmamGautam8957

    I am loss this trick 😒😭😭😭

  6. @AmamGautam8957

    I am using this trick and loss 3k

  7. @AbhishekYadav.-239

    Don't play this I have lost 10000

  8. @tommyjensen9069

    Where do u you play and whats is Rs

  9. @RajaRameshBabuyuvasena

    Hi bro
    Please explain your strategy

  10. @Kushal923

    App name

  11. @EVIL-gt9gq

    If Anyone Is In Loss Then Reply To My Message I Will Help You From My Side But Profit Sharing Work πŸ₯‚

  12. @Sheikh_Sakibul_Islam

    Which board is this ??

  13. @Sheikh_Sakibul_Islam

    vai i've sent you an email. please please reply !

  14. @Sheikh_Sakibul_Islam

    What is your strategy?

  15. @jonhRoulette

  16. @rahimabdul2234

    3000 to 150000🀩🀩..thank you

  17. @rubiealba2409

    Its hard to bet quickly like that how you do that

  18. @VijayKumar-qr8cj

    Hiii bro iam new subscriber can you please explain the strategy please bro πŸ₯Ί

  19. @kirannayakk8349

    Slow motion watch karo

  20. @kirannayakk8349

    Cheating roulette correct observe karo ball kab rukega Or vo kab bolega

  21. @jisanulqader9874

    Bro i lost almost 75000 in 1 month….plz help me?

  22. @rakesh90722

    Thansk I am win 500to 3000 thanks

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