"Most People in Crypto lose Money, it's a rigged Casino" – Ben McKenzie on #Democracyish


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"Most People in Crypto lose Money, it's a rigged Casino" - Ben McKenzie on #Democracyish

We have been learning a lot about grifting in America–from Donald Trump and his flock to the Supreme Court, everyone seems to be on the get rich or die trying bandwagon–it’s this American capitalist mentality that makes the cryptocurrency industry so enticing. But is it truly safe for the average Jose’s and Joe’s looking for a leg up? Danielle and Waj chat with actor and author of the new book “Easy Money: Cryptocurrency, Casino Capitalism, and the Golden Age of Fraud”, Ben McKenzie about what we need to pay attention to when it comes to crypto!

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Hosts: Danielle Moodie & Wajahat Ali
Executive Producer: Adell Coleman
Senior Producer: Quinton Hill
Distributor: DCP Entertainment

Democracy-ish is a podcast dedicated to fighting for democracy and preserving your sanity in a time when both are under active assault by forces committed to white supremacy and stupidity. For far too long our body politic has been viewed through an all white prism that does not represent the multiracial nation that is the United States of America. Hosts Danielle Moodie and Wajahat Ali ( @TheDailyBeast ) always keep it real, blunt and entertaining as they discuss how we can achieve a multiracial democracy and cover all the ground left behind by mainstream media and seek to make sense out of the nonsense.

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DCP Entertainment is your destination for the underrepresented voice. We share stories you won’t find anywhere else. Giving a platform to People of Color, Women and LGBTQ+ communities, as well as highlighting stories around mental health, disability and overcoming adversity, DCP presents stories that we can all relate to.
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