Lets Build a Casino with Casino Coin and the XRP Ledger


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Lets Build a Casino with Casino Coin and the XRP Ledger

Today I’m going to illustrate the boundless potential and use case scenarios of Casino Coin (CSC). Interconnection of the XRP Ledger framework and CSC have endless possibilities.This is only scratching the surface but hopefully you can walk away with some ideas of your own! Thanks for watching

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Comments: 24
  1. Burgsy Malone

    Thanks. This was well done

  2. Cosmic 4

    You're a brilliant guy and I'm glad that you stopped drinking moonshine and cutting your own hair. Just grow a Jermaine Jackson afro



  4. Edward Woodrow

    Thanks Quincy

  5. SHA

    but how does the company make money? fees?

  6. Joe Hickey

    Quincy why promo scam coin? XRPL LABS OU?

  7. Daisy Love

    Love yeah Quincy

  8. Supercrypt

    Great work

  9. Jose Rodriguez

    Where can you buy casino coin

  10. SR-XRP

    Can't connect to my CSC wallet on my Android phone any ideas guys? Try to access through wallet recovery still kept saying connecting to Blockchain and refreshing account??For hours nothing happened

  11. 3natural Bionutrition®

    Wjat is the difference between CSC and CSCXRPL?

  12. dorjezenpa

    why is bitrue listing of casino coin CSCXRPL ? Is this the same as CSC coin? thanks

  13. ali ali

    so you secretly telling us to buy casino coin because it will go to the moon like xrp back in 2017? xrp was at the same price in 2017 casino coin is now

  14. Psyeudo

    One coin of the Shit than i hold IT

  15. greypimps chass

    in actual casino its annoying to go to cashier and wait.. but online gaming i dont see much different other than depositing into different casino which i dont have an issue with but its useful if i can just connect my wallet instantly and just play and walk off ..

  16. CryptoCat 7667

    Great Job :) Let's go Casino Coin !!!

  17. Dan Weese

    Freaking HILARIOUS intro.

  18. SteepGrade54

    GALA coin…🪙

  19. Dren413

    The only problem I see is the following:
    what if in the time before going to company B, CSC loses value over night, let's say 20%. The player who is just a normal gambler and does not care about crypto will be really upset when he wants to cashout. And probably not playing anymore with CSC.
    A "stable coin" CSC would be much better in this context, wouldn't it? Or, how will CSC solve this problem?

  20. Jeeper's

    I appreciate your mic setup. I wish more XRP Youtubers would follow your example! Great work here on CSC. Free flow of money needs to hit the casino industry.

  21. Ato Careh

    The intro and the content is outstanding bro genius at work great work

  22. Golden Pocket

    Hi Quincy, im trying to reach you, i had a huge idea for a project i want to share with you. Can you Please Dm me on twitter, it really worth the shot. thx for your time.

  23. FlareWolfXRP

    Build it and they will come. Let's sit down and do this!

  24. Paul Edwards

    That entrance tho… you popped up like a muppet LOL! Always awesome content! Thanks!

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