I Used Science to Outsmart an Online Casino


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I Used Science to Outsmart an Online Casino

I Used Science to Outsmart an Online Casino

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This video is no shape or form financial advice, it is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only.

Comments: 50
  1. Raenn

    my favourite grandpa

  2. Mafumofu

    this video was like watching a train run off a cliff

  3. Tanmay Konwar

    You were trading on otc market that's why you lost the last trade

  4. J1407b

    I got a add for a online casino before this lol😂

  5. Cewyah

    Clickbait 😂 more like "I tried out Martingale"

  6. Jonathan

    If you withdraw $200 and left in the $1000 then you could duplicate your strategy with 0 risk. Or set a price target such as $100 or $200 a day to minimize your risk.

  7. Corners


  8. CLAN 501 - SCOTLAND

    Bro you did the strategy wrong. You should wait for it to be lower 6 times then start betting

  9. Bojan Bijelovic

    I tryed this method on on line casino…
    For example,red-black doubleing if you lose.
    Long story short,the computer get you and for result you are geting 9 time IN A ROW RED …

  10. Candle GG

    Im a forex trader and if i had one thing to say dont do a 5 second bet do 15-30 with the same strategy

  11. Michael Liss

    This dudes a scammer

  12. Sebastian Habicht

    this video confirms to me that they don't teach statistics or probability in US schools

  13. john whittingham

    ive done this. pick a sleepy time of day. not a market open. i also had the problem you did. at expiry they always make the result go their way if it's close. this is the same as binary options

  14. Giibixx

    Let me get you in touch with Eddie the Co owner of Stake 100% legit site with your number you could get drake money.

  15. Billy Rowe

    Haha he bet short on an uptrend.

  16. You Got Mossed

    This man is the only finance youtube that's comments aren't spammed with bots. Great job Biaheza 🥳🥳

  17. True 3D Tours

    Start with 3 straight $1 losses then Martingale but not that game

  18. Chess_Weeb

    We need to protect this guy at all cost
    My guy is literally exposing these fraudsters

  19. Dragonball Z Time

    Doubling strategy is so bad

    Casinos know about it …. A lot of people did that with red and black roulette. But in recent years you see a lot of 20x black/red in a row online. How big is that chance? hahaha. toss a coin. Rigged

  20. Tucho Salamanca

    There is no edge on the casino…

  21. PlayHardGoHard

    lost 26 times in a row that is my gambling experience

  22. PoliRok

    Just to know. I tried this method at least 10 times, and getting wrong more than 10 times in the row is not just possible, IT IS THE RULE. So do not even try

  23. Henry Tang

    Martingale is great for the lolz, but if you play the game long enough, you'll hit a loss streak long enough to wipe you out.

  24. henrique matias

    "Science" is a bit of a stretch for margin gale : D

    would definitely be interesting to see that strat automated on an exchange tough!

  25. WeThePeople

    Listen if you're reading this comment, stay the hell OFF of these crypto casino websites. The house will ALWAYS eventually win and you will jump off a bridge because you are a degen.

  26. Itsme Alex

    "I found a system that on paper will win 100"
    "It's the Martindale system"

    BROOOO you did not 💀 Martindale has a 100% loss rate.

  27. ThatEpicSauce

    Idk man… 😅 seems like ya purposely threw it all away

  28. Berxy

    Assuming you have a 50% to win (roulette is 48.6%) and you have 100dollars and want to get 200 with 1 dollar bets, meaning you would have to win 100times to double your money with a 1/100 chance to lose it all each time. you can write the equation:

    Probability (win 100) = (1-(1/100))^100

    So if you plug that into a calculator you have 36.6% to double your money or a 63.3% chance to lose it all.

  29. Designer- Garb

    I tried this about 15 years ago, I used an online roulette and started my bets at £1, it was going quite well at first and I was up about £160 when I chose the wrong color 13 times in a row and it took all my money which I believe was a total fix because that is so unlikely, I actually tested it with a toy roulette wheel and won overall every time, but the reality is that it's a scam and programmed for you to lose

  30. Audible Ambience

    BRO I'VE LITERALLY DONE THIS EXACT THING WITH GAMBLING ON A VIDEO GAME CALLED RUST. I did it so 6 trades would be the big loss and the only times I ever came out positive is where I would play till I doubled my earnings and left. If I ever got more greedy it seemed to always be a loss. The only reason I'm reacting so much to this is because I came up with the system by myself. I didn't really profit that much in total though so don't recommend to use with real money

  31. Evan Collins

    Let's see the video of doing this on a real exchange at different time intervals

  32. pr0fi🇲🇰

    800th comment :)

  33. Roman Romero

    so basically the title should be…. how i lost money on binary trading. Your strategy would have been much more predictable on 1min or 30 sec trading window, yes you get less than 86% but with much less risk involved.

  34. Finlay Hutchinson

    martingale is litterally the worst mathematical strategy you can do

  35. Ripple

    Who cut your hair lmao that haircut ugly af

  36. NameChange

    If like to see ya do this system with day trading 💪🏻

  37. algochurch

    Great video!!


    Ehis is dumb

  39. VanessLife Tag Force Special! ♥

    S'all good, man!

  40. limestonealley

    yeah uh, anybody that mentions martingale instantly loses all credibility.

  41. MyEpicPlace

    I want to think of a good way to make YouTube videos

  42. Andyrfa

    6:21 words to live by

  43. News Now LIVE

    I’ve won a lot of money on stake and roobet over the last few years. I’ve also lost a lot

  44. pleckocat

    bia, i been watching you for years, i been off my grind all year last year, i just quit weed today, and i feel like im ready to mac on a lobby already. lgtb

  45. Andreas Apelqvist

    I guess Martingale works best if you have millions, starts with 10 dollar and there arent any limits :)

  46. stephen tagsa

    Cool strategy you got there! But I'm sue you'll love it more with DYUTAM, buddy! This is the first ever grand iGaming ecosystem of the metaverse, where casino games and lotteries are easy access Boost your iGaming experience by this project. You can see the potential of this project, because it's the first of its kind

  47. Aiden Pethick

    Martingale works until it doesn't

  48. Jeffery Estrada


  49. Alex Bignasca

    I once used the martingale on a small account of 100$. After 4 hours I was at 700$+, then I lost like 11 times in a row and lost everything lol. I believe martingale could be used with really small amounts, a robot that trades for you and with risk management (take profit sometimes). Just my opinion.

  50. David Poli

    I neede that coffee machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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