How to get free BTC 2020 Roobet no Deposit or CC


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How to get free BTC 2020 Roobet no Deposit or CC

In this video ill show you how to get free btc in the crypto casino Roobet. All you need for this is a Vpn and the Promo code …

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  4. Kelvin Douwma

    it das not work anymore

  5. DoubleYouKay

    use code: "spud5205"

  6. 高啟峰

    Your account has already received this bonus.

  7. oceanblue

    use code fireposeidon

  8. Kyle Devv

    how to get BTC Balance In Roobet

  9. Dali Taboubi

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  10. Bully Mary

    So happy I met @Darkverizon1 on Telegram he changed my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balance on it…So I’m so proud of him and vouch for him..❤️❤️

  11. zach Bennett

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  12. non unnamed

    i can't see the balance its only saying 0.00$ BTC can you help me

  13. Aljaž Zore

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  14. Sakae Maxwell

    Buy stocks and buy more cryptos too, I have invested into both and I found out that crypto investment is far better than stocks.

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  22. laser_lgger

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  23. Dzajo

    for me promo doesn't give me money at all

  24. sallu baba

    hi please send promo codes

  25. Tiago Becerra

    when i put the code it only gives me a rooward level booster but it doesn't give me money. what do i do?

  26. 《Joa》

    Name of VPN?

  27. Andrew Hermiz

    They patched it, now you get a rewards level 1 boost.

  28. Stevanovic

    Neo promotion is ended

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