Funfair Crypto Review: FUN Worth It?


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Funfair Crypto Review: FUN Worth It?

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📝 Overview 📝

Funfair is looking to decentralise online casino gaming and place it on the blockchain.

It was created with the idea to give casino operators and game developers the ability to create a fully-customizable player experience on the blockchain for games such as blackjack, slots, baccarat, roulette and others.

FunFair uses Ethereum smart contracts to settle the casino games. These are decentralised and secure.

These are a unique solution to the mistrust that most people have with online random number generators.

FunFair also makes use of advanced HTML5 front-end technology in order to improve speed.

FunFair has an ERC20 token called FUN. These were issued on the Ethereum blockchain. FUN are the utility tokens in the FunFair ecosystem and the provide the “Fuel” for it.

Everything from betting to paying developers of FunFair games is paid for in FUN tokens.

FunFair completed an ICO back in June of 2017 and were able to raise 26 million dollars.

The FunFair team has a long background in online casino gaming.

The company was started in Singapore in 2017 but has grown since to include offices in London, Malta, Gibraltar and Guernsey.

Funfair has entered into a number of important partnerships and relationships. These include companies such as Spike Games, Big Wave Gaming and RakeTheRake.

FUN tokens are listed on a number of exchanges although the bulk of the trading is taking place on Binance.

There are pretty reasonable turnover numbers on these exchanges which implies decent liquidity for the token.

Given that FUN tokens are ERC20 standard, there are a range of wallets that you can use in order to store them. Any wallet that supports Ethereum will do.


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Comments: 29
  1. daniel lantange

    i would like to say im a long time fan. but ive invested in fun and think it has potential. it made a partnership with this bitcoin holdings site as well as expanding thier gambling ecosystem and is still a top 300 coin

  2. Health Decoded With Altaf

    Update will be appreciated 🐺

  3. bakul boro

    Ready for 31st December 😉

  4. MS

    buy buy buy and hold until 2025.

  5. Leo Mintu

    We would appraciate an update video of it

  6. Sun p

    Having fun with my money is not fair

  7. Voodoo In Blue

    Hi Guy(s),
    Any chance of an updated FUN vid plz?

  8. George Filimon

    Hello team Guy.
    It’s amazing to see how much the channel has evolved in the past 2 years.
    I can honestly say that you GUY’s are by far my favorite channel on “the tube”!
    I hope to get your attention with this comment on an older video (please appreciate honesty ;), and make you curious enough to look into the FUN token again after 2 years. An updated video with your thoughts on the project would be nice of course.
    If I got you attention then I’m lookimg forward for the video but if not, you fellas keep up the good work. 💪🏻


  9. You



    Were going to the moooonnn

  11. B_19BCM548_ Siva Subramaniam V

    This is is "the guy". Now he is an Elite.

  12. Edmund Kwong

    It mooned

  13. Paige eddy

    FUN Token is going viral in 2021


    Have almost 1000 tokens deffinatly going to buy some more we've been on the rise for a month

  15. Goldenpill

    Funfair should partner with Decentraland

  16. Tahir Ali

    Any new updates on Funfair?

  17. Datron

    FUN to the moon 🚀 2021

  18. Swagger Jacker

    He must edit his eye blinks out

  19. Siglo Digital

    you are reading why?

  20. crypto2021 CRYP

    Fun has the potential to go to 1$, Way to go

  21. Paul Gubin

    No casino will adopt this because they won't make money with it and its too complicated for granny to first buy bitcoin and then convert it to funfair to gamble.

  22. MixIT

    There's just been a pump and dump on this… I'm an idiot and lost some money, luckily not much… It's been a good lesson…

  23. Antonio Rivas

    Hi ! Any update ideas ? tks

  24. Be Better

    I really hope this goes somewhere eventually, otherwise what is the point in investing in a company that actually has a working product?

  25. DaSmith

    Love this token. Thank you

  26. Global Truth

    I bought in 2017 and have been holding the bag while the developers cashed out ripped off i put trust in the team got fucked over. So maybe one day they may feel like getting this project of the ground and returning the investment or we will be fucked with a huge loss

  27. Jason Werk

    I wonder if Las Vegas gets shut down do to Covid 19 what that would do for the price ?

  28. Yasin

    the concept is great just hold tight your funfair tokens as in a near future, it's going to be used worldwide for casinos and gaming

  29. Shane M

    I'm still a fan even though the FUN token price has been hit hard. Everything they are doing makes sense. If the general public and governments can gain an understanding of how blockchain allows for transparency, I think FunFair has a real shot at success

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