Exploring the Math Behind Crash | Roobet Cryptocurrency Casino Game


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Exploring the Math Behind Crash | Roobet Cryptocurrency Casino Game

Exploring the math, statistics, and code of the Roobet Crash cryptocurrency casino game in order to calculate the expected value and average loss per game. Using Python, we are able to simulate different betting strategies and determine the effectiveness of these approaches.

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DISCLAIMER: This video and analysis is intended for entertainment purposes only. You should not take this video as a suggestion to gamble in any form. I am not a financial advisor and you should not take anything in this video as financial advice.

Comments: 39
  1. Victor2126

    I never really understood statistics really well but i'm curious if a similar strategy to Blackjack counting cards could increase the expected value.
    Let's say you give a positive value to a crash before 2 and a negative value to a crash after 2, what if you waited for the count to inflate to a high number before betting, could it increase the expected value?

  2. Corine Easter

    I started investing when I was 37, mostly through sweat equity. I just turned 42 and this last month was the first time that my passive income broke $100k for the month. This is solid advice! DO IT!

    You don't have to get rich quick, you just have to get RICH no matter what.👍

  3. Joe

    Bustabit is the best one! They straight up tell you the expected winning / losses, as well as how it's proveably fair to be at those odds. They also let you use custom scripts to bet etc. You can also bankroll, if you have enough money lol

  4. Džiugas Chvoinikov

    You need to calculate geoemtric average(which gives median) to actually know if the bet does not produce returns. Mean doesn't tell much without median(not 100% sure tho).

  5. peter crenfield

    soooooo….you're saying it's legit???? coool…i've got a chance then

  6. Mustafa Shyhan

    What happen if you started with 0.01 and had 18 Bet number instead of 12 ?

  7. JayGarlic

    Nice video. You are truly a marvel. Excellent explanation

  8. Binance 1 €


  9. PMY


  10. BlackOut GStar

    yeah you can win 10k x or more
    but who really has the balls to do it and sit there? to 10000x or more
    after losing losing losing. you have to be pretty dedicated to keep losing until you get 10k or 100k x
    this is the worst kind of gambling imo. no skill involved. zero. all luck and balls

  11. Steve Jobs

    Hi man, thanks a lot for the video, I don't understand one thing: in the original algorithm the function to give a 1x multiplier (so a loss) passes 25 as modulus base (1/25 = 0.04 probability to get a loss) instead of your algorithm where you pass 33 (1/33 = 0.0303 probability to get a loss). Maybe I'm wrong and I really apreciate your opinion about it.

  12. tristan flodin

    If you have a quantum computer, you can break the hash

  13. tristan flodin

    Wait, if you can find the result of every game, you can know what is next?

  14. TooManyUsernames

    very good video

  15. r3Dw0LF369

    I dont comment under videos, but this is one of the videos i have to.
    The way you explained it is the best I have seen so far. Probably could have shown how many times (from the previous games) there were crashes under 2x, or a similar graph of Crashes under 2x / Time.
    I have also experimented with various martingale variations which give you a upper hand in the short term, however long term everything falls apart.
    I cannot stress hard enough the fact that the house will always win, one way or another.
    If you ever decide to put money in gambling, consider that money lost. If you do so, just play for the fun of it, and if you cant, dont play at all.

  16. Wayne Hunter

    I turned $50 into $8k at work showing a friend the game… proceeded to lose the $8k lmao

  17. MrKrabs

    really gj my man 👍 keep up and u will be the best <3 this type of content we, not so good at math users need haha

  18. Bappy Hossain

    Einstein searching you to solve the math of general theory of relativity

  19. Micheal Trevor

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  20. Suilaru Lawrenceyovla

    Thank you so much please how can we get in touch, I really love the content

  21. Harel's Graphics

    bro uses math to sue a betting company💀

  22. Malpher

    i dont believe they cap you at $10,000 but 10,000x profit. is the usual limit on games

  23. Jackson Phr

    Where did you get the formula to calculate the crash point?

  24. Vimlesh Chaure

    Heyy sir, can you tell me how you build this python replication in which you used the hash to calculate the multiplier, and the prev. Multipliers. I want to do the same on spribe aviator game.

  25. Farouk Fun

    I need this code

  26. Daniel Wilby

    Excellent first video. Please keep making them!

  27. Francis Allotey

    Suprised this is ur first video, its incredible

  28. Mostafa Younis abdelkarim

    Can you srnd me file and how i use it plss

  29. Mandisi Squad

    Please help I want this software Python How can I get it please share link

  30. Sam Ghaia

    Lost all my money and I could bet it is rigged, thank you for the video

  31. ecker de la torre

    I flipped $20 into $1800 in 4 days, you can actually make bank from this

  32. Manik Kapoor

    If ur stupid ….then definitely play this

  33. Georgi Baykov

    i have idea how maybe beat this game🤔 the only variable is time for example last year on 13:13PM on Friday 13 on other game but same type (not rocket but plane) result was 132 736 and in the end found on every 0:11to0:13AM then 0:51 to 0:55AM them 2:11to2:13 ……..AM,PM have big result if you make bot who bet on 5 -6min of every 1h seek for max result but not whit min bet .wheel be interesting to calculate P of WIN rate

  34. Yaq

    bro i know these games from csgo gambling sites

  35. Haleskinn YT

    but now if you use different strategies? and maybe put some chatgpt into the mixture to let it deside based on the historical probability of crashing under the bet, how much would that change the outcome

  36. e


  37. Ken Jim

    Olá blogueiro, gostaria de acrescentar seus dados de contato por telegrama e gostaria de falar com vocês sobre o trabalho em conjunto.

    Por favor, volte para mim, obrigado!

  38. Syed Mokarrom Hossain

    sir can u give me the python code to generate hash with number like the game store number in hash??? it will be very helpfull for me ..and sorry for my bad english

  39. crazy_ teo

    dam sun u are god

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