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EG Crypto Casinos😱| Gorgc Take On New DPC Season😬| Reddit Review📝

#dota #dota2 #gorgc
0:00 EG Crypto Casinos😱
4:14 Gorgc Take On New DPC Season😬
10:45 Dota Reddit Review📝
17:56 Gorgc Sub Reddit Review📝
22:10 Outro🎞 CC:QTCinderella
Welcome to Influence Dota YouTube channel, supported by Gorgc. Expect Drama, Reddit Reviews & Dota Highlights. Soon, I will get Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Videos will get better soon. Many thanks to my Subscribers, Gorgc and Twinshine for supporting me.💛
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Comments: 8
  1. Ajo Ladiang

    Gorgc is always HYPOCRITE, first in some thread he said reddit is bunch of dumb ppl, in another thread he agreed with them,

  2. Luccas Rodrigues

    No audio

  3. Shao Xun Leong

    TIL how much gor P swears

  4. Ajay Shewale

    they dont give a fuck about community or players, I agree with gorp valve has given up on dota at this point and are just putting things together just so that they can hold people to play this shit game till next ti so they can get another big prize pool

  5. Dom

    thanks for removing the annoying intro… much better now

  6. レイン

    Btw censoring with beeping still count as profanity, eventhough not as much as full swearing, i dont remember the exact comparison, but ill give you example

    A video cant get monetized when your video have a count of "1profanity" lets call this "1F"

    If lets say "fuck" count as 1F point
    You can say that beeping sound of censored fuck is count as "less than 1F", so whenever algorithm detected enough beeping noise it still gonna count the video as not monetizedable

  7. Ham Burglar

    Shitting on Valve nice

  8. Envoy

    Censoring WeirdChamp

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