Online Casinos
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  1. Olebogeng Khunou

    Can I trust roobet with my funds, can I withdraw ?

  2. infaas ahamed

    Many of the youtubers said that these kind of website don’t pay when you requested a withdrawal so can you pls explain us if there’s any specific rules to make a withdrawal and make a video regarding withdrawal

  3. Alashea

    How fun!



  5. SK

    Hi chris i played on this befroe you even mentioned it on your youtube and i use a stategy called martingale and basically i selct auto bet and the setting i puti s that evry time it does not go to 2 x i will increase by 100% which is doubling up and i have made alot on this!

  6. Samuel Turner

    I'm in Florida it says I can access grrrr it looks fun

  7. Free Iran

    Nice game. Thnx Chris. In your view can we hit over ten k by this strategy ?

  8. satish kumar

    Seriously bro what is this? Why are you encouraging gambling…😡

  9. Martin Hecl

    Do trading. This is pure gamble. We want more quotex videos we want learn.

  10. Black Money

    sir do't do this it will end you.
    we are fan of you but your are doing like this it will hurt you. soo do perfect trading do not do casino

  11. infaas ahamed

    How do i withdrawal

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