Drake Has a Gambling Problem


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Drake Has a Gambling Problem

Drake hosted a livestream the other night sponsored by Stake online crypto casino. Beginning with a $10 million bankroll, he increased his balance to $30 million before losing it all.


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0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Drake x Stake Partnership
1:14 – $4.83 Million Win
3:02 – Drake’s Biggest Win
4:01 – Drake Keeps Winning Millions
5:39 – Breakdown of his Account Balance
7:25 – How Quickly He Lost His Bankroll
8:31 – Why Crypto Casino Sponsorships are Dangerous
9:16 – Why Drake Lost Everything in 90 Minutes
9:50 – Conclusion

Comments: 35
  1. polok890

    When you win, keep doubling up

  2. So Alpha

    Gambling is the worse addiction to have it’s most definitely the devils play ground

  3. lastpokemon

    Things that many stupid people don't knwo that, roulette tables are totally scam, the casino have totally control on the outcome and who wins and who loses. the tech used is incredible, the ball itself get magnetised by ultrasound like the one used on the ultrasound machine since the material of the ball are made of pizeo-electirc ceramic. the pockets can be either negative or neutral. so the neutral where the ball will fall the others will kick the ball out. the ball movement is not natural at all the vibration of the ball can tell you a lot.

  4. Paul C

    shame on gambling promoting celebrities, evil 💩

  5. chris

    Guys this is a pyramid scheme disguise as gambling…smart because gambling can really blur the line between a scam and legitimacy

  6. doityourselfrc

    I signed up for stake….Got a free dollar and then hit for $800 on a slot


  7. BirdDawg

    Well done Spencer

  8. Turn-n-face-da-river

    I've watched back all Drakes sessions on roulette and if it was his own money which obviously is not was a loss of $94million over the clips I watched lol

  9. More Money Matters

    Enjoying your channel respectfully & I think we are the same concept as the best channel as you can see a win win is that competing with me I will rate you today as top 96.142%

  10. Loumis Mazot

    You can't even voice a solid opinion about all this shit and hoe rigged it is

  11. Bangin ZaZa

    Bruh. If you win just stop. Like the $18M was good! Lol

  12. Bangin ZaZa

    Should had stopped early on! 😂😂😂

  13. Brian Arias

    Talking too much let us seee the video

  14. Brian Arias

    Well I Want Someone to Make a Story about a Player in NJ that Made an Entire Game Close Operations for 3 Months👍🏽

  15. Bfair

    Believe me hé will lose everything. When u got money u think u have control but forget it.
    Addiction os in every person

  16. Milad Hemmati

    Drake has not gambling problem

  17. Andrew Concepcion

    Why does he keep on winning on 11?

  18. Jeroen's Gambling

    Very well done video, however, it is no secret that these guys get "paid" to "promote" the casino. It's so simple. They get a balance shoved from one crypto account onto theirs, they are supposed to deposit it back into the casino, they can play with it, they cant withdrawl. Bsaicly your puppet drake and the guy Xposed next to him do not have financial loss. It is the affiliates, people who signup to try their luck too are the ones who are paying for it. Its just a ponzi left or right. Do not fall for such tactics.

  19. Skyler Ong

    he is just a promoter its house money.

  20. Deadloccs

    even tho it prolly wasn't his money always remember HOUSE ALWAYS WINS 🕷🕸

  21. Paully

    this is the dumbest video I've ever seen

  22. PYGOD

    I'm 100% sure that the Gambling Bracelet would be a huge success!

  23. jew toob

    His net worth is 250mil.. and he gambling 200… wow.. something not adding up…

  24. Journey of Mr. E

    Bro… He gets PAID real money, to play fake casino money that they give him to play lol do your research before you make videos my dude! He hasn't lost any of his own money gambling 🤦

  25. Poopenshnapples

    1:51 – Physics

  26. MK

    Here's how it works, should be illegal BTW. They send you a list of promotional tasks & they also send you a certain amount of crypto say 1000 ETH which you'll use to gamble on their site then if you lose you've not lost & they still got their money & if you won, you're still getting your next load from them to promote regardless. Also there is a big chance its all rigged, coded, magnetized.. etc. It's not real people stay safe.

  27. Jimmy Junk

    No bro he is being paid by Stake it's all for a show and promoting he is not actually losing a dime. It's bs

  28. Josef

    shoutout exposed

  29. mr barshow

    Seein him win will get more people to play

  30. mr barshow

    I would gamble with house money to not losing anything lol

  31. mr barshow

    Its all fixed

  32. Vanessa M

    Why is the wheel fake?

  33. Rubenowitz V.

    Online Roulette Have Remote Control 🧲 Magnets Under The Wheel!

  34. BBSara01

    I doubt he actually bet 30 million. I bet the casino has a clause in the contract they will refund him for any losses to their casino.

  35. black cat

    i am 27 years old, 1st time used slot machine just with 10 buck and realised how addictive it can be

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