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DoubleDice Deep Dive - $DODI - Crypto Gambling At Its Best

If you are looking for a utility crypto that is innovating a trillion dollar market, DoubleDice is reinventing online gambling with its innovative NO HOUSE pooled betting platform.

This is the first time in in history something like this is possible.

$DODI is easily one of the biggest breakthroughs of crypto providing lasting utility and uniting gamblers with each other.

Never again do people need to be cheated by casinos and sports betting apps which are pre-programmed as “the house” to take your money – even if there are no winners.

Buy on Uniswap or Bitmart

DoubleDice will be launching a State Channel on Constellation’s Hypergraph, which is the network powered by $DAG.


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Comments: 8
  1. Matt D'Angelo

    Are there no odds? So the winners of the bet split the pooled monies of the bettors who lost the bet?

  2. Luis

    Love the video but how do does DoubleDice make money in game?

  3. J.A.H. van de Laak

    Great great video

  4. Hunter Sport

    If DAG constellation takes off in this next bull run, what is the potential market cap for $DODI?

  5. Xaos Crypto

    Absolutely amazing video…..FOMO central!!! Thank you!

  6. austin leininger

    Great video! Pure fomo now ha

  7. Scott Hill

    Need more $dag ecosystem vids like this. You are really good at explaining things πŸ‘Š – bought me some $DODI and gonna buy moar

  8. Dean Killen

    Excited and glad to be in this space πŸ™πŸΌ

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