Decentraland Casino Explained and How to Earn $DG (Mana Crypto)


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Decentraland Casino Explained and How to Earn $DG (Mana Crypto)

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Comments: 23
  1. StinkyScrublet

    Haha, go easy on me.
    Not a Blackjack pro, just showing off the casino ;)
    I've learned a bit since.

  2. Dave

    Thank you so much for explaining! I made so much MANA today!

  3. CONTACT fredrickdaltongsԹgmail com

    IT's so amazing fredrick daltongs helped me get into Decentraland in just 2 weeks which i purchased walltown with 1200mana and so far i have earn 38000 mana i never believed i could earn such in Decentraland, guys start earning from this before it's too late reach him with the above E mail

  4. Perry Bowman

    How did you get your mana to the casinos

  5. Rohan Devaki

    can we earn mana with free play?

  6. Bugs Bunny

    Poor rake but ok lets go

  7. Colton

    Is Decentraland hiring real people to deal cards?

  8. garrett cisneros

    Didnt learn shit

  9. Left Box Anderson

    Is there any way a new player can start ICE Poker without paying hundreds of dollars? Or pimping themselves out for a delegated wearable?

  10. xGibsonx

    Does anyone know the cheapest wat to transfer mana from binance to decentraland? Im linked with meta mask but the fees when you transfer from binance to metamask are extremely high

  11. Steezy Slopes

    Yea learn blackjack before you go there lmao 😂

  12. Shakile Ahamed

    Can I built my casino and invite people in decentral land?

  13. Scott Lee

    Great channel!! About to subscribe! A little tip, go and search for promosm. Loads of YouTube channels use the site to promote their videos.

  14. klfkenshin

    thanks for the video tutorial! but damn, could've won +8! but now you wonder… if you had stayed or hit, would the algorithm change and NOT be in your favor? 12>stay>dealer doesn't bust…16>hit>bust… thats the only thing I don't like about virtual or auto shuffling decks…

  15. Iron Balls McGuinty

    Man, when you stayed on 16, and the dealer was showing face card, ouch man. That really hurt me.

  16. Smoker

    How to move mana from the backpack to the bottom right red mana thing?

  17. chris Burns

    Do they have baccarat tables

  18. Alex Dinges

    Is this technically legal if online gambling is illegal in your state?

  19. Mindaugas Karnilavicius

    Mana to 100 end year

  20. Dean Albertson

    It might be good to read a book on how to play blackjack.

  21. Zoo Monkey Dot Com

    Will the games adjust to price if mana increases higher ? Will they just charge fractions of mana if mana goes to a hypothetical 25 dollar per mana?

  22. Rudi

    great video

  23. Rudi

    crypto ftw

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