Cryptocurrencies, investing or gambling?


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Cryptocurrencies, investing or gambling?

Our FT Alphaville editor explains why she thinks buying cryptocurrencies is more similar to gambling than to investing. She also explores how regulators and tax authorities around the world are slowly catching up with this technology.

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Comments: 14
  1. Capcom Turk

    Cryptos are all about the poker chips themselves and have nothing to do with investing. Each crypto is a unique poker chip and the crypto exchanges is where you use them to gamble on other cryptos. Swapping poker chips for poker chips that's all crypto is.

  2. A Dalis

    The government never imposed taxes to discourage people from doing anything. On the other hand, the government loves taxing people for its own bureaucratic gain. Without taxing this and taxing that, governments wouldn’t even exist. All political corruption is caused by financial gain. If one day humans figure out a way to run a government without taxes, humanity would finally evolve and have a chance to enforce principles rather than interest.

  3. Alex

    Bicoin is creating wealth out of nothing, same as government printing money.

  4. Cooper Academy

    Would recommend only investing in these types of things if you can afford to lose everything invested!

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  5. J K.

    Oh Wow Look at those TIG OL' BITTIES

  6. Chris

    Bad video, clearly not knowledgeable enough on the space. How about mentioning the benefits of a decentralised currency – comparative low inflation rates and fixed money supplies. Not just that they are bad because they don't apparently offer interest. How about considering the staking mechanism that many crypto currencies have…that is a form of interest for contributing the the strength of the network. What about the fact that the best crypto currencies don't do what most governments do and print more money as a form of indirect taxation… Would expect a more rounded article from the FT…not impressed

  7. Blagoje UK

    This lady need to do some research before posting videos like this

  8. Ale

    How can this editor be so clueless many people talk about it without really knowing what the tech is, there has been so much investment because of the core technology not because of gambling opportunities, the decentralised financial system is what scares these people, they are just speculating uncertainties for their own benefit, when regarding cryptocurrency as "gambling"

  9. apagoogoo

    she's got it a bit backward. with buybacks, dark pools, and M&A, stocks often enjoy an increase in share price without an increase in sales growth (or indeed creation of any real wealth). thus, to me, investing is gambling. crypto, on the other hand? read this a couple of times, so you get it: crypto is to money as the internet is to information. it's a massive disruption, and its initiation will be beset by naysayers' warnings.

  10. John Wilson

    Although most people investing in bitcoin are trying to profit from potential gains, it is also used as currency in the black market for being not easily traceable. It will eventually collapse, but the concept will persist, so there'll always be something else to take its place

  11. The Modern Investor

    Ripple. Ethereum and Bitcoin. The three coins you need.

  12. Hazdude

    Gambling with a healthy dose of anti-establishment idealism and group think .

  13. beyondtheprogramming

    pure speculation driven by images of shiny golden coin symbolism, which arent even coins at all. Jeese people, learn the Bernays occult tactics already.

  14. Horizon

    Tulip Mania, without a tulip bulb.

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