Crypto: The World’s Greatest Scam.


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Crypto: The World’s Greatest Scam.

Bitcoin to Blockchains, to NFTs, to Web 3.0… it’s time to find out if it’s really all the hype or just part of one of the greatest scams in human history.

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Comments: 22
  1. James Jani

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  2. Satvrnie_

    czemu naruciak ma to na playliscie z trudnymi sprawami??

  3. ericka lucas

    Wow! Excellent breakdown!!!❤️

  4. The Actual Clips

    So people made it a Ponzi scheme themselves, because they wanted to get rich quick….

  5. shamsham1983

    Go ahead continue life with fiat currency.. I said continue with fiat

  6. Bert

    NFT sales….. money laundering right in front of your eyes

  7. Jamie

    Love these videos! We need more!you're amazing!

  8. s s

    Solves last!

  9. Midosch

    The biggest scam oft the world is by far FIAT money!

    (even if crypto or everything else is a scam)

  10. Hatem Zeidan

    Just because it challenges your world view, doesn't make it a Ponzi Scheme.

  11. G F

    Have fun staying poor

  12. Gary Miles

    A fool and his money are soon parted 😂 A sucker born every day…..and two to take him 🤣What about pretend "ownership" of stocks ??? Where are YOUR stock certificates ???

  13. f41ry

    kto od naruciaka?

  14. Mugiwara

    Amazaing video. Anybody have any idea about the music started at 51:48.

  15. Fear Lounge

    I was on the cusp of the bitcoin revolution and the dark web. I was operating on the Silk Road before it's owner got arrested. I agree that we truly believed in it. Today, I don't even think about crypto currency unless I'm doing dark web transactions, which is very rare these days.

  16. ale gomez

    Bitcoin is here to stay!!!

  17. LoneWolf7878 gmail

    My argument was from the beginning why am I investing fake money into fake money? Because the dollar doesn't have the value that it had once before. However I did get into things like the little games, trying to earn also. I was aware that once you got in early the possibilities of the values could increase. And then getting out. But I noticed that even the newer cryptocurrency has such little value. I don't even know where my electronic wallets are anymore. Nor am I concerned 😂

  18. World Nerd G

    Soooo …Chinese government was right for once lol

  19. Sandwich

    Great production quality, but borderline J.P. Morgan propaganda. Timelines are conveniently shifted around to support the narrative, facts omitted and lopsided claims. Lots of valid points that had me cheering followed by confusion as you claim jpgs were the original use case of NFTs and everything else followed. When the verifiable history was that it was the other way around. JPG opportunists co-opted NFTs in 2017, months before ERC-721 was even completed. JPGs were not the ideas that brought the standard to life, it was digital ownership. Whether or not that is feasible is a good discussion. Conflating NFTs and Bitcoin is dishonest. Mentioning greater fools theory, without acknowledging that you are describing the entire global economy and more specifically the inflationary fractional reserve system is disingenuous. You mention the waste of energy as though the only energy with value is made with fossil fuels, without acknowledging the energy of humans whose limited time on this planet is devalued the moment they cash their paycheck. It's a shame really, you had an opportunity to propose an honest critique, instead you just produced an advertisement for the status quo.

  20. Chris Smith

    Imagine the crypto and NFT wave if we had AI tools like we do now

  21. Sajjad

    You lost money that’s why your mad

  22. Edmund Choo

    Fantastic documentary! 👍

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