Crypto Gambling Is Out Of Control


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Crypto Gambling Is Out Of Control

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Comments: 23
  1. Yi Qing Tan

    Huh, no vices eh… No drinking, no illegal drugs and no gambling… I fully respect you for this.

  2. Elizabeth

    Gambling has been crazy addicted, I have lost more than I have won but I really want to know how I can be investing my wins and making profits, any suggestions?

  3. bob b

    i watch this time i want to have a bet

  4. berzerk the jerk

    it's not that people dnt know that the casino always win they just think they are gonna get "lucky"..not win constantly just get that big win to pay it all back..most people Iv seen get addicted that was their problem they thought they were gonna be the lucky one that day or on that certain machine..and it just a vicious cycle

  5. Ember

    Only put money on a bet you know you'll win. Rig it in your favor.

  6. Heat Pete

    I gamble everyday with my freedom
    in 20 years I have NEVER lost 👿

  7. Ratchet020

    me: Gambling if for idiots
    also me: playing hearthstone

  8. John Smith

    Not a regular twitch user but I have watched Trainswreaks and Im pretty sure he is sponsored by the casinos and not actually losing his own money. He is way too nonchalant about losing hundreds of thousands of dollars

    Gambling and hot tubs shouldnt be on twitch. Seems like common sense to me.

  9. Thomas Lee Hooker

    There are plenty of advertisers out there willing to put ads on whatever. Look at all the fucking mobile game ads on YT.

  10. plexdo

    ban gambling, ethots and vtubers

  11. AParagonWolf

    I watch slots twitch streams cause i love when they blow their money and that sighhhhh one more

  12. TakenFool

    Casinos are set up using the probability of winning against people that go in.

    Every game in a casino gives a less than 50% chance to win to the customer so sometimes they make money but they will almost always lose money, Slots are some of the worst to play.

    Black jack and Poker are the two games people can consistently come out on top. Thats why casinos have rules to prevent people from winning. Good card counters have a roughly 51%+ winrate which means playing long enough they will make money. they will still sometimes lose money and thats why casinos try and kick them out before they play too long.

  13. Flasher Zoom

    I do agree with his statements but is it fine for me like and play games like genshin? I'm f2p but I am addicted to the gambling, but is it fine as long as I don't spend money on it?

  14. DENI4L

    lottery is a tax that you only have to pay if you are dumb. If you don't understand statistics and probability and refuse to accept what people tell you, you will pay that tax.

  15. Blah Blah

    It astounds me that this guy even had $40,000 to begin with.

  16. Pining_Tree

    I agree that gambling streams shouldn’t be on twitch, but I also think just calling anyone who gambles after watching one of said streams is unhelpful. In Ludwig’s video on gambling streams from a while back, he talked about how good or bad experience, it’s really easy for those with the addiction or are prone to addiction to fall into it. Even if the issue is twitch enabling this to begin with, calling the victims dumb is not helpful.

  17. Jacob Bunea

    Can’t imagine how many of the typical scenario of a person winning a good amount of money, only to lose it all because they wanted more

  18. SB

    a bag of corn chips lmaooooooo

  19. SammyStakeTheSnake

    Who the hell gave a broke ass 26 yr old 40k with no collateral

  20. John Ledden

    No matter what product you sell someone will abuse it. Also, gamers talking about others having addictive personalities is pretty ironic.

  21. J Reverie

    I dunno I get the idea it's mostly upto twitch but to say the content creators themselves have no accountability is just wrong. They're actively cashing out knowing full well the harm they're causing to their audience.

    I can understand looking out for yourself but I feel for you if you can sleep soundly knowing many people's lives were negatively affected, ruined or cut short because of your choices made out of self interest.

    Yes Twitch ultimately can stop it but until then it's up to streamers to say no to such ad deals. I'm surprised by your take on this.

  22. Vlad Draghici

    Roshtein is the only reason ive managed to quit gambling!!!! It depends what are you seeking by looking at a gambling stream..looking for a community that understands your mistakes maybe helping you with em or just being a hypocrite And blaming the streamer for your own mistakes.

  23. BlackMoridin

    Omg lol they're from curaçao…that's my home country 😅 yes it's a real place in the carabean.

    Pronounced Ku-Rah-Sah-oh

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