Crypto Casino Sued For $400,000,000


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Crypto Casino Sued For $400,000,000

An former partner of who claims he was excluded from the wildly successful company is suing the Australian creators of the largest bitcoin casino in the world in the US for $US400 million in damages.

However, the creators of, Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani, who just bought the most expensive home in Melbourne, have called the lawsuit “utterly frivolous” and “provably false.”

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  1. Icy x

    "largest bitcoin casino in the world" lol dont just blindly robotically parrot media head lines if you apply any level of independantly thought out conscious analisis application you'd know that is factually incorrect it is an illegtimate unaccounted for crime scam of which distortions pipelinging basless influence to be used to extract excess moncey for nothing concentrated into and through this distorted process orchastrated around ppl with nothing mostly abusive losers with basless influence that is unmonitizable because they got it from abuseing in first place now gives them this circumvetnional pipeline funnel to extract as concetrated source baslessly means and iondescriminately through this process orchastrated around them

  2. Абырвалг

    stake scam

  3. The Vindex

    Should be the players suing these rigged pieces of shit, not a fellow capitalist.

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