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Crypto Casino NFT - The best blockchain based decentralized Casino

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Comments: 36
  1. Assen Nowak

    Assen, do you think the project is going to be a success?

  2. Reachout MTECH202 On I.G

    👆👆Recuperé mi criptografía robada ⬆️del sitio de la estafa, también puedes recuperar la tuya si quieres, solo envía un mensaje al gurú residente ⬆️él es realmente bueno.

  3. Meryem Özdemir

    Following you for a while now. You are a great source of information. Appreciate it and keep it up!


    I am watching your videos daily, thats high quality info thanks man, keep going

  5. gv

    Crypto Casino NFT looks safe, but just in case I will check everything myself before investing. I want to buy tokens for 1 BNB

  6. Giray Media


  7. Cat Funny Moments

    My goal this year is to get to 4 BTC from crypto trading and your Assen?

  8. Emir KUTLUCA

    Investing in Crypto Casino NFT is the wisest decision you can take


    I love listening to crypto experts. They're so funny sometimes. I don't believe any of them, but it's very interesting to watch their videos. For example, today I found out about the existence of the Crypto Casino NFT

  10. TarunTechTreats

    Hi Assen! Can u please like my comment😇

  11. journalist Chirra

    Despite the economic downturn, I’m so happy ☺. I have been earning $22,000 returns from my $10,000 investment every 13 days

  12. Muhammed Mujaddid k k

    Digital currencies are the future of money we just dont know which one yet.

  13. Soydaş Yurtman

    Later videos are nice from time to time. Sometimes things happen AFTER your early videos and we want an update throughout the day!

  14. Nelyn Grace

    Who can predict what bitcoin would be looking like in few months, I'm skeptical about that🤔

  15. Shadow No Respect

    Most people think…. Investing in*crypto is all about buying coins and holding, till it rises, 🙅 come on it takes much analysis to be a successful crypto trader. I've made $16,000 in two weeks of trade.

  16. كن مع الله

    Crypto Casino NFT seems good Assen. Thank you for detailed review, bro!

  17. Anıl Şahin

    I really love this fucking defi projects! Last gem bring me x40 profit 😎🤑

  18. King Lord

    pls make video on stock market vs BTC , again its dumped with stock market , any views how long it will simulate .

  19. Let's enjoy our time

    Is it scam???

  20. Anand the gamer

    I’ll take one of those 5000% gains. No problem lol

  21. Nishat

    Long term 🚀🚀 Crypto Casino NFT

  22. Yunus Ekici

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some month’s time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  23. E.O Yapım

    How old are you Assen??

  24. Sandeep fantasy11

    I love your content, thank you so much for making it. I have one question that I have not been able to find sufficient information on and am hoping you will make a video about. Could you please explain how the power of maintaining the Bitcoin protocols is organized? I am trying to understand how the Developers, Maintainers, and Lead Maintainers work and how that power is distributed. Thank you!

  25. Dkb Esenam

    Where do I need to write to order an advertisement from you Assen?

  26. Syabonga Mkhonta

    Just let me know when to go moon with this fuckingggg NFTs😎

  27. Asi Gölge

    Crypto Casino NFT go to the moooon 🚀🍏🚀🍏🚀

  28. face face

    how long does it take you to make these videos Assen?

  29. RainLoX

    Awesome Assen. Tell me please the best token which I can invest? You're reviewing a lot of cool projects, but I want to find out the best one🚀

  30. Azərbaycan qebele

    Assen, when will you start advertising really promising projects. These gems look unreliable and can give a good income but they are also a very risky investment. People study the project yourself before investing if you want to get a guaranteed profit and not lose your money!

  31. Merve Balıkçı

    great material as always. I accumulate a little every day, let the whales sell.

  32. GameThrow GT

    Cryptocurrency is impractical for now because it uses too much power processing too costly just to validate few transactions

  33. Yasin

    Thanks for the extraordinary effort. Can you do a video on ETF cryptos please

  34. toprak setmen

    People only see the coin and the hype but don’t understand the technology or purpose behind each coin.

  35. SPIKE

    Assen I love your videos! What makes you think that Bitcoin will go to $100,000 if all of the new crypto financial instruments are primarily fiat backed? Whats to say that crypto doesn't go the way of GLD or other paper backed certificate products that dont truly require that the actual commodity be purchased 1:1 in proportion to the certificates issued?

  36. Ramazan Beril

    I like this presentation & the very professional delivery of the commentator….i will be a subscriber & follower for my education on Bitcoin. Are you offering educational videos on other cryptocurrencies? If so, which ones?

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