Crypto Casino NFT – a metaverse that unites the millionaire casino


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Crypto Casino NFT - a metaverse that unites the millionaire casino

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Comments: 34
  1. Esteban Gómez

    I like the anti bot and anti whale system that they implemented, I think this game

    will not bleed

  2. Sander Krikke

    NFT 2.0 ownables is gonna be a gamechanger!!🤯 Really own your NFT because it is on your own wallet! Anchored on the LTO Blockchain! $LTO #NFT2_0 #blockchain


    NFT is the future of digital art, I've invested in rave bunnies NFT, and I have a big bag on it

  4. Game Zone

    thank you

  5. DJ Harish Sahani


  6. Futbol_editleri

    I appreciate this video, thank you!

  7. Ayaz

    I have several projects in mind, can you tell me about them in detail?

  8. Havin

    I was looking for this video. So informative and great content

  9. egemen baykuss

    Yes negative interest rates will happen! Sooner than most think!

  10. Model Challenge2020

    I enjoy your content because your explanation is really good like always it's simple and helpful

  11. Ayşe Yılmaz

    Thank you for your good work!

  12. Mustafa - Brawl Stars

    Where are you from, Laurent?

  13. Arijit fam Army

    A complete deception. Don't believe it

  14. It’s Sos

    New bullish crypto indicator…

  15. Dj#gamer Phoenix

    Gosh this token gets me so excited

  16. egecelik.9

    Thank you for this project sir I made huge profit from your calls

  17. BedYT

    Why do you do paid reviews?? Your viewers won't appreciate it

  18. K Al hawi

    It is a wonderful video to see such achievements that refreshing the large market. It is good service.

  19. kskzkxxkdmsmm

    The developers will disappear as soon as they receive the money!!

  20. Filankəs Filankəsov

    WILL BE AN EASY 100-1000X

  21. Jeff Gobro

    I have seen so many valuable teaching skills here. Thank you so much for sharing


    Your videos are very informative

  23. Yokbiseydevamet

    Big investors will be moving in so get in before it takes off!


    How did you know that this project is safe? His indicators don't say that

  25. KeRLa YOUTuBeRs TiK ToK

    Imagine an ATM that exchanges cash for crypto and then shreds it… You get the crypto and the cash gets destroyed, removing it from circulation, helping to lower inflation?

  26. Maraz 100

    A disgusting project. I don't think at least a few people are investing in it

  27. Emre Durak

    I really liked the explanation, this is a very new world of digital currencies but at the same advantageous.

  28. KeulasDegoJunior

    excellent content, very detailed. your videos are amazing!!

  29. PBX Navi

    Good.that's what i needed.he shared everything.thanks

  30. infinite JJ 54

    This guy is unreal with his explanations. Super informative. The clearest, concise video. Thank you

  31. Mavi Master

    You have a good voice. Have you thought about participating in the life of other YouTube channels?

  32. ACExBurak

    I have read the details of the project in detail. Definitely, this is a scam


    This channel is growing so quickly! Congrats

  34. Karim FG

    This is great project

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