Breaking Vegas News – Vegas to Enter the METAVERSE? Crypto Vegas Casinos?


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Breaking Vegas News - Vegas to Enter the METAVERSE? Crypto Vegas Casinos?

A report has it that Las Vegas casinos are pushing to enter into the metaverse with an emphasis on decentralized 3d meta online …

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  2. Anthony Robinson - UK craps lover

    They could sell their own tokens which you buy from the casino direct. This is not worth anything anywhere else
    Therefore you will not be gambling real money only tokens.
    You could then cash in the tokens on the casino website.
    In terms of taxes maybe it will be where the client is based

  3. Anthony Robinson - UK craps lover

    Sounds like the new app that Casino quest is bring out. For Craps.

  4. Laurie ann

    thanks , great video
    love your fur bady

  5. Shade Raven

    Hey I'm all for supporting good old fashioned Native American run casinos 🎰



  7. MrMotel99

    No way a virtual Vegas experience could ever replace the real thing. No reason to model it after a real billion dollar resort when you could just build fake computer generated casinos that could totally blow away real architecture. Think it's a fad that won't last because it's not a vacation destination – it's fake. Cheers Steven.

  8. Gentry Thompson

    The movie 1 player game, watch the movie good movie, the future is in space

  9. Yankee Dude

    Stephen I like You a lot but You’re negative reporting about Vegas it’s a little over the top, you’re about to lose me but since I am not on Patreon I guess you don’t care about my opinion. Just want to see the fun part about Vegas while I am at home you were so good to Vegas I don’t know what happened but I still watch anyway LOL

  10. Sean Smith

    Why spend money building a brick and mortar casino? Virtual all the way.

  11. Adam Murphy

    Europe has online casinos and betting companies for real money. They have been around over 20 years and work well. You can have live dealers as well as computer software defined. Metaverse currently is just adding VR which I not as popular as when first launched. It was a bit like 3D TVs which no-one buys now. It probably will catch on but I feel it is 10-15 years and only a specific age group and brands

  12. John W

    They disabled dislikes because the cry babies at the Biden White House were mad about all their videos getting ratioed.

  13. Bethany Meter

    Like the video – not fond of the news.

  14. June Raeder-MacKinnon

    I love siamese cats. Wish we could have one again.

  15. June Raeder-MacKinnon

    Not interested. I like human interaction.

  16. PDX Dave

    Facebook is going to take over the world! Scary thought
    3 2 1……Burp

  17. Randy Rcbscats

    I think your on the right track Steven but the gas fees are too high with etherium.
    Casino coin makes more sense, operates on a decentralized ledger and can interact in either world real or virtual for fractions of a penny.

  18. Ben M

    I like this angle, maybe a little close but the cat and window is great

  19. A Captain Nachoz

    I just wanted to watch the Day n Vegas festival but why do you have San Andreas in the thumbnail

  20. Big Fat Besty - The Dice Of Destiny

    Sorry to be a pedantic Walrus, but when you mention the GCC countries, Dubai is not a country. It's a city. The country is the United Arab Emirates. Anyhow, you still get a like. How can anyone dislike Steven J Campbell?

  21. Matthew Ong

    Knew it…we are on a one way player ticket ride like that movie Ready Player One.


    @Steven – Once again… thanks for sharing info.
    Info is only good if shared – for the most part ;-)

  23. debra regas

    What pretty kitty thanx Steven with everything

  24. jgrove111

    Want in on MetaVerse… forced to use Oculus Rift with an upstanding Facebook account…to walk into your house wall instead a mall….wear a helmet!

  25. Young LA Raider ☠️

    Damn Stevie J 2 weekends in a row with no Live ? Hope everything’s all good Fam

  26. Finn

    Blockchain will save us from social media conglomerates like Facebook that act like gatekeepers for no free speech. Freedom means no more Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

  27. bowlinglefty

    Just what this Country needs. More ways for people to avoid dealing with reality. Let's everyone become a purple avatar and pretend to deal with our issues.

  28. Streetrat702

    Oh it's a comin big dog. Great article.

  29. Chance Robinson

    So many forces at work. Who knows what’s going to happen to Vegas? Big change is guaranteed. Mother Nature might have the last laugh. Whether is water, or the fact that blockchain mining uses more electricity than Apple, Microsoft, Meta, and Google combined! In addition, crypto is still so volatile that using it in the day-to-day world is still far in the future. If your crypto could possibly with $1000 more tomorrow, would you spend it today?

  30. MikeMtl

    In the near future, many will not be able to distinguish between real and virtual

  31. Jan Jan

    It's all about Transhumanism

  32. April Martin Chartrand, M.S.

    To answer your question: FB's dislikes were outed by the whistle blower in that she stated that the algorithm is elevated by the "dislike" button.

  33. Naj ruQwi

    Great video 👍 thanks for sharing this with us. BEAUTIFUL kitty ❤️😻💋

  34. Jenny Vega

    yeah i used metaverse for virtual burning man since 2020

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