$6,000 versus Crypto Casino Inc Bonus Buys [PART 3]


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$6,000 versus Crypto Casino Inc Bonus Buys [PART 3]


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Comments: 22
  1. Craig Slots

    For those asking the Β£50 giveaway will be in my next video, i did mention when i did it that it would be in the next video after the crypto series πŸ™ƒπŸ˜»

  2. One More Spin

    Hey Craig I’ve joined the stake site but for some reason on the casino I’m only getting 71 slots can’t get any of the slots everyone is playing

  3. Tony Massey

    Anyone else have a frozen screen 40 minutes but the video still played? I heard other slots being played after the 40 minutes but the screen was still frozen on legion

  4. Rick Yuhnke

    Sorry to ask this, but what happens? I seem to get a frozen picture until the end with a win of $134.58 off of a balance of $1249.05. Did you get any more bonuses or did it just go flat? I hope you won, rooting for you, have tried to watch this last video for long time and it always freezes at this point.

  5. surfarandrewboy

    At 12:41 the sound disappears,at 12:59 the video freezes, and it's frozen like that, the whole video stay frozen all the way to the end

  6. Zonda’s Shorts

    Anyone else having the video freeze at approx 13:00 , all the way till end of video – tried on phone too and same problem

  7. JanuMeza

    Does the video get stuck for anyone else after 13:00 mins?!

  8. M.P.O

    Happy New year mate dont have you on social media so all the best to you and yours pal look forward to your next vid πŸ‘

  9. michael obrien

    Only just heard COVID hope you are well and getting the best care stay strong

  10. Miller26

    I dont agree with a lot of what you do but I do know you are a good person craig .get well soon champ .

  11. miss slots uk

    Hello my friend lovely Video good luck merry Christmas to you have a wonderful day πŸŽ„ πŸŽ… 😊

  12. dean brooks

    shit mate really sorry to here you had covid,my mum cuaght it in hospital about this time last year and gave it to me we both got through it but after that she died of newmonia and my dad also died this year of cancer shit year for me to lose both parents in six months anyway get well soon yours is my favorite channel i like your humor

  13. English Guy

    22:53 'We're doing ok on the wagering' — checks ….. You have $1,232,392.56 left to wager :p

  14. PJ

    Keep going Craig .. Quality content πŸ‘πŸ»

  15. 7JaysOfficial

    Its the hope that gets us in the end. Great video though chief, thought you could have clawed it back after the chilli's.

  16. 7JaysOfficial

    Did you just say turd burglar? Ha Amazing!

  17. Martin Drury

    As slot players These casinos are the only way we can go now, looking forward to some real life extra chill sessions, can you do a series Craig?

  18. slotsalot

    Absolute legend!! I have been trying to figure a way around our lack of bonus buys for a month or 2, Alas your 3 part video πŸ₯³πŸ₯³. Turns out I was way overthinking it 😀 great vid and a tutorial πŸ˜‰ shame about the loss

  19. Earn Crypto Online

    do you wanna earn bnb more?

  20. Ritvars Vilks

    Nice video

  21. Carolyn Manders

    Yeh ,For sure definately love watching the Crypto Vids 😁😁 Actually Any vids of your's πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ GoodLuck And I hope you do get A really big win xxx

  22. SLOTman

    What about DOA2 Craig and X ways horder/Mental/San Quentin those games can pay crypto money lol

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